1. The Romantic National Song Network: Examining ways of bringing historical songs to life
  2. Getting started on Enterprise Nation: Find clients and build your brand!
  3. Creating Strong Roots for your Design Practice – learn about breaking silos & decentralised teams
  4. Critical Leadership Qualities With Pinky Lilani CBE
  5. Product Design Masterclasses
  6. Boom! Time with June Sarpong of the BBC
  7. HEAVY CIRCLE: Uplifting Black Masculinity
  8. AdobeXD Workshop Session 1 - Designing for your Personal Branding
  9. How to build an unforgettable brand
  10. Spektrix Presents: Five Reassurances For Reopening
  11. 'Ahead of the Curve': Documenting Lesbian Culture with founder of Curve Franco Stevens
  12. Post pandemic - A time for brands to reset
  13. Placing citizens at the heart of climate change
  14. Embedding changemaking into young people’s education
  15. Art Unlocked: Inside Dulwich Picture Gallery
  16. How to Create a Kickass Brand
  17. Veiling in Fashion: Dress and Modesty
  18. Art for the Environment: Conversations Series – Challenging how we interact with the environment
  19. Better Man Workshop - what changes people can make to create a less masculine culture & how behaviours need to be changed
  20. Penguin Live: Why Books Create Belonging, with Hafsa Zayyan & Zawe Ashton: Lit in Colour x Penguin Talk
  21. Fireside Chat with Product School Alumni and Apple Sr TPL, Neerja Saran
  22. Webinar: Product Management in Startups vs Big Org by Amazon Product Leader
  23. Fireside Chat with Product School Alumni and Google PM, Kevin Perkins
  24. Live Chat with Facebook Product Leader