1. FTWeekend Festival – The Reawakening: Imagining a post-pandemic world
  2. From Freelancer to Studio Founder
  3. SAM KEOGH Sated Soldier, Sated Peasant, Sated Scribe
  4. EUGENIO DITTBORN Airmail Paintings
  5. EPISODE 7: OLIVIA STERLING Really Rough Scrubbing Brush
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income
  7. Maker's Eye: Stories of Craft
  8. How to Identify Your Career Potential – Virtual Class
  9. magCulture meets The Modernist & hear founding editor Eddy Readh
  10. Social Media Strategy session
  11. How to Deliver a Engaging Employee Experience
  12. Web Development 101
  13. Asana Together Learn-a-thon – learn from four Asana Certified Pros
  14. Surviving or Thriving: Improve your Mental Health
  15. Legal Lab Report 1: Art + Tech/Science Collaborations
  16. Lone Design Club x Anatomē: Bespoke Sleep Oil Blending Workshop
  17. Strategic Influencer Marketing Webinar
  18. An evening with authors Salena Godden & Nikita Gill
  19. Influencer Marketing Contracts and Compliance Webinar
  20. The Impact of the Gig-Economy on self-employment and public policy
  21. How to use TikTok, Instagram and Facebook insights to propel your content strategy
  22. 'Know Your Rights and Claim Them' book launch with Angelina Jolie
  23. business.connected: What is digital automation and how can you use it?
  24. Jemimasara: Lampshade Workshop London Design Festival