1. Finding A Fulfilling Job
  2. Writing for Social Media
  3. Barnabas Presents: Harv-inder Singh
  4. How to succeed as an introvert: A masterclass for professionals
  5. SCCI Fashion and Architecture Programme 2022
  6. Food Writing Masterclass
  7. Art Deco: Style and Design
  8. When you Experience Impostor Syndrome at Work & 5 Ways to Overcome it
  9. Short form video marketing for personal brands
  10. Creative Quests @ London Design Festival
  11. Never Mind the Buzzword x BIMA Blockchain Council | Create your own NFT
  12. Whatever doesn’t kill you: How to make better mistakes
  13. Arts & Wellbeing Morning Mingle
  14. Rum Masterclass x Brugal 1888
  15. How to Be Confident - Virtual Class
  16. Manimekala Patchwork Making Workshop: London Design Festival
  17. Lone Design Club x The Crown Estate | The Future of Conscious Consumerism
  18. Nesta talks to... June O'Sullivan
  19. The Return of Trend Briefing
  20. Reset. Restart: Making your social media marketing pay
  21. Release Planning: Building Your Streaming Audience (with Byta's Marc Brown & CD Baby's Kevin Breuner)
  22. The Career Clarity Program
  23. Private View for Art on a Postcard Mini Auction in collaboration with gowithYamo
  24. How to create and launch a successful online course in only 7 weeks.