1. Stories Festival
  2. Building a Customer Centric Company from Day 1
  3. Masterclass: Branding with Scott Leonard, Founder & Creative Director at the Champion Agency
  4. Squarespace x IFundWomen: How to get featured in national publications
  5. Silk: From Cocoon to Catwalk
  6. Boosting Brain Power – learn more about new innovative technologies & how they can facilitate our everyday lives
  7. Innovating for Growth webinar: Introduction to Lean Start-Up
  8. Underground Uncovered – Explore the depot and uncover the hidden spaces below London's streets
  9. Get started with Xero payroll
  10. Virgil Abloh Off-White fashion drop – Part of the Met’s Instagram Gift Shop for “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”
  11. Understanding Pensions with Zurich
  12. Developing Thought Leadership for Impact and Influence with Dominic Soh
  13. Pilates: Deep Stretch & Release with Audrey O'Connor
  14. Eliminate Procrastination with Zestivo
  15. Yoga: Exploring the Back & Body with Fabiana Mizzoni
  16. Plan Your Online Course Design with Aoife Donovan Lee
  17. How to Be Assertive in Meetings with The Speak Up Club
  18. Time is running out: how to create change for the long term
  19. Live conversation with SLOW MACHINE directors Paul Felten & Joe DeNardo
  20. Pep Talk: Stop-Motion Animator, dina A. Amin
  21. Future Art Ecosystems 2 Live: Amelia Winger-Bearskin x Tamar Clarke-Brown
  22. Do fonts smell? Fantastical Fonts with Sarah Hyndman
  23. What agencies need to do to attract talent right now
  24. Workshop with Jazmin Morris: Storytelling through interactive fiction