1. 2 day course: Introduction to Nerikomi - Ceramics
  2. Creative Experience – From Argentina to the World
  3. Turning Tides Festival
  4. Reset. Restart: Renew your business purpose
  5. Unfair algorithms - mediated technology in arts and culture
  6. Digital rights - you're questions answered
  7. RCA Creative Leadership
  8. StartUp Series: Build a brand
  9. Digital Skills Training
  10. SEVDA LONDON: London Fashion Week Exclusive In-Store & Designer Talk
  11. Stepping into First Line Management
  12. Nesta talks to... Dr Jan Rosenow
  13. Marketing and the Future of In-housing
  14. Join us for Pitch & Mix
  15. Yahael Camara Onono
  16. Intro to Social Media Strategy
  17. Intro to Coding
  18. Deep Dive: Inflation Behaviors
  19. Brand identity Design
  20. London Fashion Week Kick Off Celebration. LDC x TCE x Rotaro
  21. Data visualisation hacks for busy professionals: A practical workshop
  23. Get to know: School of Media and Communication
  24. StartUp Series: Grow your business with digital marketing