1. The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady Film Screening
  2. The Wellness Haven: The Women's World Party
  3. Guardian Newsroom: Can the UK avoid a recession?
  4. Workshop: Create in Clay
  5. The Craft of Pattern Making
  6. Learn Live: Creative Reading – Get to Know Characters
  7. Build Your Personal Brand Online
  9. Marketing Mixtape: Campaigns under the microscope
  10. Public Open Exhibtion
  11. Apple Summer Camp: Design Your Dream Inventions on iPad
  12. Female Founders: Igniting success in tech
  13. Interactive Digital Design Show
  14. Lunch and Learn: Create content and images for your small business with AI
  15. Launch Your Subscription Box Business in Time for Christmas
  16. BIMA Breakfast Mastermind | Difficult Workplace Conversations: Performance
  17. How to build a sustainable studio
  18. Yoga at Bureau
  19. The Wellness Haven: A Wimbledon Extravaganza!
  20. Mick Herron: The Secret Hours
  21. The Future of Fashion Is Circular
  22. Workshop: Sari Draping
  23. Early Bird Clearing Open Day
  24. Build Engaging Presentations