1. Ideas for a new Fashion Industry: Manifesto Launch
  2. Escape Studios - 2D Compositing Taster
  3. WIRED Pulse: Quantum explores the future of quantum computing
  4. Fashion Talks: Marco Trincavelli, Principal Data Scientist at H&MxAI
  5. Growing your Audience Webinar
  6. RECONVENE: A Virtual Summit For Event Creators
  7. Inclusivity in Recruitment
  8. Course: Writing Photographs (online)
  9. Instagram Live: Meet The New Trampery Fashion Members Mantara
  10. Wix Playground Presents: Career Therapy - Working Through Uncertainty
  11. Art School Needs You X PLAYLAB INC.
  12. PDF Accessibility Webinar: The War on PDFs
  13. Free Live Training – Digital Marketing Strategy
  14. Be Your Best Self: Networking Masterclass with F*ck Being Humble
  15. Creative Shift Masterclasses - Always The Intern, Never The Teacher
  16. TV Q&A: Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over
  17. Jennifer Packer: The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing Exhibition
  18. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye Fly In League With The Night exhibition
  19. Border Reorder: How are people dodging global tensions by consuming across borders?
  20. Social Media Summit
  21. Biodesign: the natural and synthetic potential
  22. Virtual Penguin Talk: How to dare to change your life, with Lawrence Okolie & Harry Pinero
  23. Nobel Prize Summit
  24. Burberry Autumn/Winter 2021 Womenswear presentation