1. How to produce online events: Becoming a digital events manager
  2. Webinar: Collect & Analyze Customer Feedback by Amazon Principal PM
  3. Webinar: The TPM Interview Process by Facebook Product Leader
  4. Webinar: Mock Interview with Amazon Product Leader
  5. BIMA Masterclass | Inclusive Leadership; Refining your Why
  6. Compositing Taster – production shooting, VFX & 2D
  7. Artists Talk: Nonzuzo Gxekwa and Anke Loots
  8. InVision Freehand Product Roadmap
  9. Webinar: Breaking into Product Management by Amazon Sr PM
  10. Live Chat with Amazon Product Leader
  11. TV Q&A: Our NHS: A Hidden History
  12. Webinar: Importance of Market Research & Cognitive Design by Amazon Sr PM
  13. Get Started with Digital Advertising
  14. Paradym Coaching Session
  15. Inspiration: What Is It & How to Find It? With The Reluctant Gurus
  16. Optimise Your Sleep for Health & Productivity with Motty Varghese
  17. All Ears Creative Talk featuring Glen Miralles – Sydney-based Art Director @ Buck
  18. Sales Strategy Masterclass: How to Generate and Increase Sales Consistently
  19. Mobile Video: Produce Content Like a Pro
  20. How to be Sociable – Virtual Class
  21. The future of careers with Squiggly Careers
  22. Nocturnal Creatures: Free late-night arts festival
  23. Meet Eve: The 9-year-old climate activist
  24. Webinar: Top 5 Learnings as a Google Product Manager