1. A Look Through An Alternate Lens
  2. Let Go with Lunar
  3. Partner W21 event: Posthuman Condition in Digital Art Practice - Lito Kattou and Kay Watson
  4. Becoming Less Stressed about COVID
  5. ONPASSIVE Success Achievers Guest Webinar
  6. Measuring & Analysing Social Media Engagement with The Speak Up Club
  7. Mindful Moment & Meditation with Audrey O’Connor
  8. Remote Working: Tax Risks & Payroll Considerations with Mazar
  9. Mindfulness: Explained & Experienced with Insight Out Mindfulness
  10. AllBright Virtual Pitch Day with Female Founders
  11. Contagious Live(stream) / Sector Spotlight: Alcohol – In partnership with Clear Channel
  12. The Future of Music
  13. RA In Conversation with Lubaina Himid
  14. Leadership Series – with Fura Johannesdottir, Chief Design Officer, Huge
  15. Escape Studios – Motion Graphics Taster
  16. WIRED Innovate celebrates the startups driving change
  17. Let's Make Thai Food Live with Chef Marie Soh
  18. Free Live Training – Create Videos with YouTube
  19. KA-SHA: Design & Dialogue - One on One
  20. The Fairly-Fast Drawing Class with Karimah Hassan and Izaak Brandt
  21. The Importance of Natural Materials + Ethical Fashion
  22. The Future of Sustainable Consumerism
  23. London Design Festival Kick-Off Partner Briefing
  24. The Guardian at 200: Windrush histories and mythologies of race in Britain