1. HOOP STATION: Meet the Maker
  2. General Assembly: Intro to Social Media Strategy
  3. Film Screening - Richard Batterham: Master Potter
  4. Online Project Management Training
  5. An artist’s guide to getting started with NFTs
  6. SEO guide for Solopreneur
  7. How to get clients as a freelancer without social media
  8. Project Management Workshop in Hyderabad
  9. Lost London 2, a solo show by Cranio
  10. Freelancers and founders start-up stories
  11. Writing about your practice
  12. Time management for creatives
  13. Positive mindsets: Build your resilience and confidence
  14. Business basics: What you need to know when starting a creative venture!
  15. Goal setting and action planning
  16. Goal setting and action planning
  17. Typography that Changed the World
  18. Setting up your own makeshift studio
  19. How to Find Paid Work Opportunities for International Students
  20. Valuing and Monetising your Skills
  21. The SCA Surgery
  22. Ironhack Open House - Info Session on How to Retrain in Tech
  23. Pricing and positioning: How to charge what you are worth
  24. Leica M11 Experience