1. Meet Eve: The 9-year-old climate activist
  2. Webinar: Top 5 Learnings as a Google Product Manager
  3. Webinar: Wielding Data to Drive Product Improvements by Amazon Sr PM
  4. Webinar: Product Management Pro-Tips by Facebook Senior PM
  5. Stories of art online
  6. Webinar: Building PM Skills the Non-Traditional Way by Amazon Sr PM
  7. The Future of Work: People – top tips on managing a team in a post-pandemic world
  8. Webinar: A Guide to Hypothesis Testing by fmr Amazon Sr PM
  9. Webinar: From Engineering to Product Management by Facebook PM
  10. Webinar: Identifying Your Product Management Style by LinkedIn Sr PM
  11. MTD for ITSA: how to help clients get started with digital record keeping
  12. Campfire Presents: William Blake vs The World - with writer John Higgs
  13. Graphic Design & UX/UI Degree Show
  14. Open Day at the Empathy HQ
  15. European Premiere: The Milkmaid + Q&A with writer-director Desmond Ovbiagele & producer Oluseun Sowemimo
  16. Bow Skills Empathy Exchange
  17. Pep Talk: Digital Artist, Lindsay Arakawa
  18. London Tech Week – Be part of the future
  19. 0-100 Entrepreneur
  20. Flipside: Digital Design Info Session #4
  21. Flipside: Digital Design Info Session #3
  22. Flipside: Digital Design Info Session #2
  23. A Level Playing Field? Women's Excellence In Sport
  24. Design Struggles. Antiracist Futures – Reclaiming Design Pedagogy