1. BIMA Client Services roundtable: hybrid working, nurturing relationships & our contribution to agency culture
  2. Photography Fundamentals Webinar – get the most out of your camera
  3. Lunch and Learn: Get comfortable with public speaking
  4. Strategic Digital Mentoring & Peer Support Taster Webinar
  5. Riposte X Squarespace Masterclass – nailing SEO, website templates & design hacks
  6. High Speed Freeze: Solo Exhibition by Izaak Brandt
  7. Exploring Service Futures through Design Sprints Webinar
  8. The Restore Sessions: Ep.1
  9. Thinging the Thing
  10. A Place In-Between
  11. Prepare your business for the next phase of Making Tax Digital
  12. How to get more clients on retainers? with Peter Czapp, co-founder of The Wow Company & Tom Kingham, Business Development Manager, Nimbus Hosting
  13. Voices from the Gallery: Engagement & Audiences
  14. Let Me Blow Your Mind: a self-promo masterclass with Stef Sword-Williams
  15. Get Started with Digital Marketing with Emmanuel Balogun
  16. LFS Live Workshop: Story, Screenwriting & Voice
  17. The Drum Awards for Marketing – announcing the year's most effective campaigns, companies & people
  18. How to be Serene? Learn the the art of remaining calm
  19. Free Live Training: Find Your Career Goals
  20. Trading with Global Retailers
  21. Art Night with art publishing zine OOMK, including a short film & visual newspaper
  22. Film Q&A: The Human Factor with director Dror Moreh & producer Teddy Leifer.
  23. Homo ex Machina – now playable - Joshanne Dar
  24. The Guide to Creating an Ultimate CV