2. Finding A Fulfilling Job
  3. Growth masterclass: how to scale your practice for MTD
  4. Meet the Designer: Emel
  5. Friday Forum: Africa Fashion
  6. Never lose another pitch
  7. House meetings in community organising
  8. Story Cube Growth Festival
  9. Broadcasts from Tomorrow: Impermaculture youth and the future of living
  10. FREE SMASH Webinar - Logline Surgery
  11. Market and day festival in Gipsy Hill
  12. Project Management Course Classroom Workshop
  13. 2 day course: Introduction to Maiolica -Ceramics
  14. Harv - Inder Singh & Outernational Sounds Presents: Jas Kayser
  15. Access to Finance: Invoice & revenue-based financing
  16. Start using social media for small business
  17. Out of Sync: New Collection Launch
  18. Ribbons Matty Bovan
  19. Saturday Talks: Sarah Hamed on Back to Earth
  20. Céline Condorelli / After Work
  21. Nicer Tuesdays: July
  22. Goal setting and action planning
  23. Summer Sessions Outdoor Film Festival: West Side Story 12A
  24. Punch Needle for Beginners Workshop with The Modern Crafter