1. Riposte X Squarespace Masterclass – nailing SEO, website templates & design hacks
  2. High Speed Freeze: Solo Exhibition by Izaak Brandt
  3. Exploring Service Futures through Design Sprints Webinar
  4. The Restore Sessions: Ep.1
  5. Thinging the Thing
  6. A Place In-Between
  7. Prepare your business for the next phase of Making Tax Digital
  8. How to get more clients on retainers? with Peter Czapp, co-founder of The Wow Company & Tom Kingham, Business Development Manager, Nimbus Hosting
  9. Voices from the Gallery: Engagement & Audiences
  10. Let Me Blow Your Mind: a self-promo masterclass with Stef Sword-Williams
  11. Get Started with Digital Marketing with Emmanuel Balogun
  12. LFS Live Workshop: Story, Screenwriting & Voice
  13. The Drum Awards for Marketing – announcing the year's most effective campaigns, companies & people
  14. How to be Serene? Learn the the art of remaining calm
  15. Free Live Training: Find Your Career Goals
  16. Trading with Global Retailers
  17. Art Night with art publishing zine OOMK, including a short film & visual newspaper
  18. Film Q&A: The Human Factor with director Dror Moreh & producer Teddy Leifer.
  19. Homo ex Machina – now playable - Joshanne Dar
  20. The Guide to Creating an Ultimate CV
  21. The Guardian at Manchester International Festival, with Argentine artist Marta Minujín
  22. The Modern Motherhood Summit
  23. An Evening with NTF... Diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry - a path for change
  24. the halley Record Fair