1. Cutting Back on Carbon
  3. Join us for a peer to peer mentorship event with Tori Bell, founder of Inclusion Unpacked
  4. Xero Tax: Product Roadmap & Year in Review
  5. An Introduction to Design Sprints for social impact organisations (online)
  6. Magnum Learn x Spéos Open Day
  7. The case for better business: why it’s time for brands to take responsibility for their impact
  8. Smooth Moderator: Public Speaking Tips & Tricks
  9. Fashion Values: Nature
  11. Connection and Conversation: Agency / Client Relationship
  12. Art School Needs You X Fresh Magazine
  13. The Founder Files with Kevin Osborne, Founder of MeWe360
  14. We Out Here: Online & On Air
  15. How we do CRM with... Patch Plants
  16. Digital photography: A two-day bootcamp with photographer David Levene
  17. Marketing Masterclass with Dan Maudhub
  18. Webinar: Building Platforms as Part of a Large Organization by Google PM
  19. Webinar: 5 Mistakes I Made as a Rookie Product Manager by Amazon Sr PM
  20. Webinar: Product Managers as Value Propositions by Amazon Product Leader
  21. Media Week: A Live Virtual Summit
  22. CX Academy Live Awards
  23. Hive event: There is no such thing as a smooth transition
  24. “Black & White” talk with artists: Yuko Shimizu and Greg Ruth