1. eighty two by Talia Randall
  2. Social media strategy
  3. BAFTA Games Masterclass: The History of Video Games with WiFi Wars!
  4. Afro-Caribbean Businesses in London: Then and Now
  5. Lunch and Learn: Kickstart your business video content creation
  6. BIMA HR Peer Network Roundtable | The Power of Play for an Organisation
  7. Member Meets: Vanessa Woolf of London Dreamtime
  8. Learn Ainu Dance with the Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Association
  9. Develop, Making an Exhibition workshop: Basic Picture Framing and Installation
  10. Marketing 101 for artists and entrepreneurs in the music industry
  11. Ensuring Your Business Shines Bright this Christmas ��
  12. Sales Growth Formula - Stop Struggling With Sales !
  13. Starting and Building a Career in Digital Marketing
  14. Starting and Building a Career in Product Management
  15. Starting and Building a Career in UX Design
  17. How to Write Your Will: Ask a Solicitor
  18. Building Discourse: Should there be a moratorium on new build construction?
  19. Book Club with Naomi Alderman: The Power
  20. Writing for social media
  21. Leica Store Manchester | Test Drive the Leica SL-System for the weekend
  22. The Festive Market
  23. BIMA | Breaking Taboos - Men's Mental Health Matters
  24. BAFTA Games Presents: Bridging worlds from television to games with Ripstone