1. SMart presents Kevin James Thornton, discusses smartphone micro-shorts and being a runaway success on TikTok
  2. SMart presents The Best Of Short Documentary/Factual
  3. SMart presents Brian Hill – The smartphone as a disruptive force for filmmaking
  4. SMart presents: The Best Of Short Drama/Scripted
  5. Future Work | Future Workplace – the changing nature of the UK workplace
  6. SMart presents: Jennifer Zhang – Shooting and editing a feature movie on smartphone
  7. One year on: George Floyd’s murder and how it changed the world
  8. EPISODE 6: KOBBY ADI 'pending upending'
  10. Live Chat with Uber Product Leader
  11. Webinar: Choose the Right Problems to Solve with ML by Spotify PM
  12. Community Mural Unveiling: Celebrating art and sustainability in our city
  13. Webinar: Product Vision & Strategy by Amazon fmr Product Executive
  14. Webinar: The Art of Scaling Impact by Facebook Product Leader
  15. Webinar: Tune Your Impact Radar by Google Product Lead
  16. Webinar: 3 Valuable Lessons for Startup Projects as PM by Facebook PM
  17. Webinar: How to Focus on the Problem, Not the Solution by Spotify PM
  18. Webinar: Creating Product/Market Fit by Facebook Product Team Lead
  19. The Rise of Social Audio – new forms of social communication
  20. Webinar: Product Management and Metrics by Amazon Sr PM
  21. Webinar: How I Made My First Data-Driven Decision by Google PM
  22. The EY Exhibition: The Making of Rodin
  23. Webinar: The Engagement Lifecycle of a Product by Facebook Product Leader
  24. Creative Ops Goes Hybrid: How Adobe’s In-house Studio Leverages Hybrid Agency Partnerships