1. Solstice by English National Ballet
  2. Returning to normal: Acquiring in-person opportunities
  3. YouTube Sensation Patricia Bright On Creativity, Financial Freedom & Entrepreneurship
  4. The Male Graze, an online event with the Guerrilla Girls
  5. Online Talk: Vivienne Westwood: Catwalk, with Andreas Kronthaler & Alexander Fury
  6. Talk: Architecture for Modern Leisure with architecture & modern design experts
  7. Picture the future: How to build for diverse customers
  8. Making NUNO Exhibition: Japanese Textile Innovation from Sudō Reiko
  9. Free Webinar: Build Engaging Presentations
  10. Recovery & Reimagining the Literature Sector: Keynote by Joy Francis
  11. How we do marketing... with Seedlip
  12. Hiring diverse talent to accelerate growth
  13. Pilates: Grow and Flow with Audrey O’Connor
  14. Mastering the Art of Conflict Resolution & Difficult Conversations with Dominic Soh
  15. How to Write a Killer Bio with The Speak Up Club
  16. Zero Waste Challenge with Edamame Eco
  17. Instagram Live Real Talk: Paula Varjack x multidisciplinary artist Amahra Spence
  18. RISE Produces: Music Business Q&A
  19. RISE Produces: Podcast Production 101
  20. RISE Produces: Performance
  21. RISE Produces: Mixdown Checklist
  22. RISE Produces: Recording & processing audio
  23. Boiler Room Live Mixtake: SS21: OKLOU PRES. GALORE with nightdrift
  24. RISE Produces: Arranging & track planning