1. Marketing for the Now – music and audio
  2. The Ukie Hub Crawl 2021: Selling your Games Business
  3. How to achieve ambitious and challenging things
  4. Easter Holidays - Brand Design Workshop
  5. Q2 vs Q2 Monochrom Camera: A Comparison | Webinar
  6. Reebok Presents: Rinse FM X BBL CLB Free Party
  7. Expectation Management before Time Management Workshop
  8. Get Respect: Being an assertive creative. Why do we do what we do? And can we change it?
  9. Q&A with BAFTA Nominees – Leading Actor
  10. Update your CV and Cover Letter
  11. Bird is the Word with Helen Macdonald, Sam Lee and Bill Bailey
  12. Testing Event
  13. artBLAB online with Paweł Franciszek Jaskuła, visual artist
  14. Managing your time, energy and work habits
  15. Fail Better - April Virtual Event
  16. Troubleshooting - Preventing the avoidable
  17. How to provide great service - Clients 360°
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  19. Boom! Time with Nishma Robb, Brand & Reputation at Google UK
  20. Online Talk: The Naturally Beautiful Garden
  21. Hidden Patterns - A Conversation About Networks and Arts
  22. Easter Holidays - Design Workshop
  23. Virtual Studio: Design a Poster to Express Your Message with Kris Andrew Small
  24. BAFTA Film Sessions: Leading Actress nominees