1. Artists Beware! Navigating Scams in The Art World
  2. Recruitment Drop-In for Theatre and Diversity Relationship Manager
  3. What it takes to be an award-winning photographer
  4. Papersmiths X Betty Etiquette Brush Lettering Workshop
  5. Strategic planning to create agile, resilient, and successful enterprises
  6. Mindful photo walk + co-working day
  7. Women in Leadership
  8. The Corner Shop: A Conscious Curation of Fashion and Lifestyle Brands
  9. Free Masterclass: Legal Advice for Small Businesses
  10. Free Masterclass: Digital Marketing Strategy
  11. Free Masterclass: Legal Advice for Small Businesses
  12. Free Masterclass: Managing Expenses & Cash Flow
  13. Contemporary Art Summer School, Decolonising contemporary artistic practice: Equality, diversity, inclusion
  14. Black in Business: Networking Event for Black Beauty Business Owners & Professionals
  15. What Does Not RAW | Theme: Stigma
  16. Tech Startups for Non-Techies: Manage Your Runway
  17. Emerging Futures 2023: Care-Fuelled Leadership
  18. How to write your family history: A weekend writing course with Nick Barlay
  19. HOSB Presents: Irvine Welsh
  20. Fashion Means Business Talks: New Cotton Project
  21. International Garden Photographer of the Year talk
  22. Wolf & Badger x Remake Our World Panel Event
  24. TV Preview: State of the Unions