2. Live Chat with Google Product Manager
  3. Webinar: How to Launch a New Product by Monzo Principal PM
  4. Why are co-ops relevant in a time of political and economic crisis?
  5. UX Research ✹ Live ✹
  6. BSMT presents Futurstalgia, a duo show with .EPOD and NERONE.
  7. Art & Wellbeing Webinar: How Can Art Ease the Transition Back to Office Life?
  8. Musical Performance with GRACEY
  9. Valerie June: Guided Meditation and Live Q&A hosted by Laura Barton
  10. Poetry Event with Theresa Lola
  11. Rashid Johnson in conversation with Eleanor Nairne
  12. The Changing World of Work
  13. Who am I? LGBTQ+ Leadership Retreat (TQ+ Edition for Trans, Queer and Non-Binary Leaders and Change-Makers)
  14. Entrepreneurial Women: Money talks with TSB (cash-flow & running a business)
  15. Being of Influence: Free LGBTQ Workshop
  16. Remote Product Team Collaboration with Ford Credit
  17. Managing Fashion Buyers
  18. Making Webinars Work for You or Your Business with The Speak Up Club
  19. 3 Sales Strategies that Work in a Crisis with Anis Qizilbash
  20. BAFTA Games Sessions: Music
  21. Easy Tips for a More Sustainable 2021 with Edamame Eco
  22. Mindful Creativity Workshop with The Reluctant Gurus
  23. Eliminate Stress & Anxiety with Zestivo
  24. The Brixton riots 40 years on: What has changed for Black Britons?