1. Sifted Summit | The startup event of the year
  2. Free WordPress Website Development Masterclass
  3. Free SEO Masterclass
  4. Free Digital Marketing Masterclass
  5. Radical Bodies
  6. Nature Machine
  7. Events Access Course
  8. WOW Leeds: Raising The WOW Barn
  10. Intro to Coding
  11. The BAFTA Television Sessions
  12. Sound of the Year
  13. Bus King Theatre Puppet Shows & Workshops
  14. Nicer Tuesdays: May
  15. TYPOCIRCLE Presents Paula Scher: "Public Speaking" @ The Comedy Store
  16. Measuring Your Customer Journey Performance
  17. Get Started with Analytics
  18. Assemblage Collective taster session
  19. How to use a podcast hosting service to distribute to big platforms
  20. Small Business Stories
  21. #Merky Books Literature Festival
  22. LDN Tech Morning: Careers & Coffee
  23. Bow Skills Peer Crit: communicating your practice as an interdisciplinary artist with Art & People
  24. Professional Practice: Foundations in Photography