1. Magnetism: Balancing pull and push with your marketing
  2. Tim's Take with Iman
  3. Get Respect: Being an assertive creative, getting more of what you want and need without being a jerk.
  4. Let’s get physical!
  5. Working Lunch - UK Film, TV & Advertising Catch-Up
  6. From Concept to Consumer
  7. Building a profitable, standout brand for startups
  8. From allies to mentors, how to build and nurture a support network
  9. CALL FOR ENTRIES Best New Signed Directors, Shiny Awards:
  10. Ask world class Experts from commercial production ANYTHING
  11. Festival of UX & Design
  12. #Headliners2021
  13. Music Week Tech Summit 2021
  14. How to develop, pitch and budget for a documentary
  15. Redesigning for the Environment
  16. Independent Filmmaking: Q &A with Shaneika Johnson-Simms
  17. Working Parents: Seen, Heard & Understood
  18. 'A DEEPENING' with Iulia Filipovscaia
  19. Challenging perceptions through our work and the way we work - Tackling Taboos in Women's Health
  20. How Enterprise Augmented Reality Powers Front-Line Productivity in the ‘Next Normal’
  21. InVision Talk Series: Lean Tactics for Design Systems
  22. The Oxford Vaccine: Innovation for the Global Good
  23. Subversive Spaces: Francesca Sobande on The Digital Lives of Black Women
  24. Virtual Studio: Draw Bodies to Celebrate Difference with Sara Andreasson