1. A Million Ways to Fundraise
  2. A Mind Obsessed With Everything
  3. A Mind Of Microchips
  4. A Mindful Wellness Event, Event Photography
  5. A Mini Adventure - With Balls
  6. A Mini Adventure - with Big Balls
  7. A mini collection of knit accessories
  8. A mini documentary on Qatar Airways
  9. A mini documentary on Qatar Airways
  10. A minute with Sokari Higgwe at the London Lighthouse Studio - video
  11. A Mirror is Harder to Hold - Glamcult Magazine
  12. A Miserable Tale of Forgotten Creatures
  13. A Missile from the East
  14. A Mix of Life
  15. A Moby Dick For Modern Times
  16. A Model Partner cover design
  17. A modern African wardrobe
  18. A Modern Breakfast Part 1& 2
  19. a modern classic
  20. A Modern Classic by Arian Saravi
  21. A Modern Cook's Year
  22. A Modern Grand Tour // Interiors | Print Design
  23. A Modern JukeBox
  24. A Modern Representation of Britannia
  25. A Modern Twist
  26. A Modern Utopia
  27. A modest Proposal
  28. A Moment Apart
  29. A moment before it was gone
  30. A moment in time
  31. A Moment in Time with Citizen Watches
  32. A Moment of Relax
  33. A Moment of Silence
  34. A Moment with Giulia Mangoni
  35. A Moment with Milano’s Finest: The Visual Agency
  36. A Momentary Concurrence
  37. A Monk's Tale (Commerical)
  38. A Monster (Short film)
  39. A Monster Calls
  40. A monster, short story. Fanzine
  41. A Month - Short Film
  42. A month (4 Mondays)
  43. A Month at the Venice Art Biennale: Work by British Council Fellows
  44. A Morrocan Celebration
  45. A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2018 London
  46. A Most Unusual Game Of Games
  47. A most unusual gin
  49. A Mothers Love
  52. A movie about flying over the Alps with a hot air ballon
  53. A movie about smiling
  54. A Movie Poster A Day
  55. A Moving Image
  56. A Multi-professional Approach by Suzanne Henwood
  57. A Murkage Christmas by True Religion
  58. A Murmuration: Sound Design/Composition
  59. A Muse.
  60. A Museum for Blackpool
  61. A Museum Full Of Art
  62. A museum of weed
  63. A Music Lover s Guide to Amsterdam - Culture Trip
  64. A musician.
  65. A mysterious and quiet night-time story from Canon
  66. A N X I O U S
  67. A N, N - Desktop Movie
  68. A nameless hero
  69. A narrative
  70. A Narrative in Flux" -inside-book illustrations 2019
  71. A Narrow Escape
  72. A Nasty Boy Feature: On the Edge of Glory
  74. A Nasty Surprise
  75. A native font-stack
  76. A nerdgasm email I'm especially proud of
  77. A Never Changing Landscape
  78. A Never Changing Landscape
  79. A New ABC
  80. A new brand for British Athletics
  81. A new brand for Festicket, world's #1 festival experience marketplace
  82. A new brand for PLAYRMAKR, to redefine mobile sports gaming
  83. A new brand for Sifter, a high performing equity fund with a difference
  84. A new brand for Truly, for gifting truly memorable experiences
  85. A new brand for Vertical, uplifting corporates & startups
  86. A new brand identity and animated logo for production company Vikarious Film
  87. A new car
  88. A new Christmas: Be Inspired
  89. A new community for the new economy.
  90. A New Dawn: Meet the Future of UK Nightlife
  91. A New Day
  92. A New Day
  93. A new digital direction for the V&A
  94. A new digital identity for UK Parliament.
  95. A new digital presence for the World Economic Forum
  96. A New Direction
  97. A New Direction: Arts Award
  98. A New Direction: Create jobs & training programmes
  99. A New Direction: our events
  100. A New Direction: The Cultural (Re)Generation