1. Create classified ads website!
  2. Create Converge
  3. Create IRL launch event poster 2020
  4. CREATE LATE at Vivacity Peterborough Museum x Peterborough Presents
  6. Create Something Beautiful
  7. Create Something Today
  8. Create Studio
  9. Create STUDIO
  10. Create The Hustle
  11. Create Tinder Clone App for iOS and Android
  12. Create VR
  13. Create Week
  14. create what you bake
  16. Create your blog on Japanese language
  17. Create your brand and sell IPTV easier than ever
  18. Create your future conference. Tickets available here (£25 off discount code).
  19. Create Your Future, a project for BAME women
  20. Create Your Own Best Theme/Style Builder | OutRight Store
  21. Create Your Own Cover
  22. Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with White-Label Solutions
  23. Create Your Own Island - Branchage Film Festival
  24. Create your own taxi booking app
  25. Create Your Own Work
  26. Create your own world.
  27. Create Your Own: Coffee Blend. (Web App)
  28. Create Your Personalised Watch Strap - Watch In Process
  29. Create your style
  30. Create. Make. Play
  31. Created a Fine Jewellery show in Fasano, Punta del Este
  32. Created a horror piece using XParticles, Octane and C4D
  33. created a new lifestyle brand based in Ayurveda practices
  34. Created a weekly drum & bass newsletter
  35. Created brand film
  36. Created brand of Hair care cosmetic from scratch
  37. Created Brand. Then Sold It.
  38. Created my own part time handbag business.
  39. Created my own personal blog
  40. Created the game "Juira Buitres!" in 2016
  41. Creating 'My' Identity
  42. Creating 3D Platypus
  43. Creating a beauty, Fashion and lifestyle platform
  44. Creating a brand for jewellery industry challenger, Maravilo
  45. Creating a brand identity with a human touch for an Investment house
  46. Creating a community
  48. Creating a dream job for myself - eating!
  49. Creating a fresh verbal identity
  50. Creating a Geo Filter for Flux TM
  51. Creating a more balanced beauty brand...
  52. Creating a More Sustainable Wardrobe
  53. Creating a Narrative
  54. Creating a new brand for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Audi & Ford...
  55. Creating a new business and leisure destination for Allied London
  56. Creating a new visual operating system for The House of Commons...
  57. Creating a perfume campaign
  58. Creating a personal promotional video for a client
  59. Creating A portrait
  60. Creating a Queen for O2 Priority
  61. Creating a savings and investment accounts from scratch
  62. Creating a smart financial coach for Barclays
  63. Creating a storm-proof invoicing process
  64. Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe
  65. Creating a Thesis Statement, Thesis Statement Tips
  66. Creating a trail-blazing brand to redefine an industry
  67. Creating a Turban Collection inspired in Sierra Leone
  68. Creating a voice for Kinsu, kind and beautiful insurance at your fingertips
  69. Creating a website
  70. Creating an Advertising Media Plan
  71. Creating an art exhibition using AI and cloud computing
  72. Creating an e-commerce print store
  73. Creating an editorial piece regarding F1 and the use of data
  75. Creating an Empowering Community trough Streetwear
  76. Creating and selling T-Shirts: Photoshoot
  77. Creating ASOS photostory
  78. Creating better meetings for Gumtree
  79. Creating Bongo Flava - the flame-grilled fast food brand
  80. Creating caricatures Now Live!
  81. Creating Cliques
  82. Creating content for a Health & Fitness Influencer
  83. Creating Content for Social Media Influencers
  84. Creating Desire | Estela Magazine
  85. Creating for a Cause: Quicken Loans X Adobe Creative Jam
  86. Creating for Pinterest with Pin Collective
  87. Creating Freedom
  88. Creating Future Mumbai
  89. Creating Hair
  90. Creating immersive environments
  91. Creating Instagram Content | Starling Bank
  92. Creating Irresistible Products: Pentland Brands x Adobe Creative Jam
  93. Creating Mascot out of Student Plastic Bottles for Environmental Awareness
  94. Creating Minds: An Anatomy of Creativity Seen Through the Lives of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinksy, Eliot, Graham, and Gandhi by Howard Gardner ,
  95. Creating Moodboards - Nike x Foot Locker
  96. Creating more engaging bin posters
  97. Creating my own website
  98. Creating Progressive Web Apps Using Angular
  99. Creating responsive website design to enhance brand perception for online art platform
  100. Creating Richer Starbucks Coffee Shop Experience