Abby Hudspith


London, United Kingdom
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About me

A positive, creative, forward thinker who enjoys organisation and working hard under challenging deadlines within a team or independently. A recent Illustration graduate with a great eye for design and small detail, always taking inspiration from the outside world and people within in it. A strong visual communicator who is adaptable, driven and responsible. Consistent Work record: Since aged 15 has always held a role in a variety of part time and full time jobs in order to afford education and fund moving to desired university. This involved working throughout higher education, as well as taking a year out. From a retail role, to being rehired three years in a row in a health and safety position at a theme park. A full time office job as a speech analysis researcher for Samsung, to a waitress in a local pub. My last role during uni was in a deli in Falmouth where I worked my way up to a supervisory role. Although these jobs were never a desired career choice they have improved communcation, confidence and over all knowledge, also creating a strong work ethic which would be pushed even futher within a creative career.

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