Adam Parslow

Adam Parslow

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Adam Parslow

Adam Parslow

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, ​ My name is Adam Parslow and I am a creative artist who loves to work in digital and traditional drawing methods. I am a graduate from The London College of Fashion where I studied Fashion Illustration (BA Hons). It was a wonderful experience where I have learnt how to undertake professional projects, hewn my craft, collaborate with other artists in other professions (especially photographers) and the importance of continually learning. During my time at The London College of Fashion I have discovered that even though I love fashion illustration it is not where I want to head for my future. What I have fell in love with is the characters that I have created during my studies. Fashion Illustration was all about the story for me of the individual. I feel that the fashion must be highly valued when it comes to character design. What a character is wearing will communicate straight away who they are and also embed their individuality into the audience’s mind. That’s the takeaway I want to leave with my characters. I want to move into film, animation and concept art moving forward in my career as storytelling is something I love. Looking at working with such studios as Disney Pixar and Marvel as a dream goal for me. However for now it is all about experimenting, growing as an artist and getting better at what I can produce. Taking all the knowledge I can get from industry. I am young, hungry and ready to start. About me personally? I do find a good way to describe myself is that I am a creative. I look like an artist and its because its who I am. I have characteristics of nerdiness but also can dance, a strange combination I would say and hopefully paints a good picture for you of myself. I love gaming, watching movies that are fantasy and sci-fi based but ultimately if the story is strong, I am all about it. For example, my favourite film is ‘The Green Book’. A beautiful story of two individuals who couldn’t be more different forging a strong relationship together which benefits each of them. I certainly love sports as well as a strong supporter of Arsenal FC. Exercising and my health is something I care about taking care of also. Poor health leads to me not being able to do what I love in life. I highly value humour in life, I believe we need to laugh about things and I certainly don’t take myself seriously so I’m trying to inject this into my work. I love socialising with people, I think people are great and can make life incredible. I need that connection in my life to those who I share time with. If you value humour as much as me then we will get along just fine. My great love is music. I love music! There is something about the art of music that is very special to me. I believe it’s because I am such a visual heavy person that when I am being entertained through the form of audio and sound it’s a pleasure that feeds my ability to dance. It’s another way for me to work and express myself and have fun. I create my own music as a way of therapy and relaxation.
  • Vogue Italia X Green Carnation Photography
    Vogue Italia X Green Carnation PhotographyI was casted by Green Carnation Photography to model in a concept photoshoot which was styled for a Georgian aesthetic shoot. This was later published by Vogue Italia. See Vogue Profile Here:
  • Depop x Thursday's Child Global: Find It On Depop
    Depop x Thursday's Child Global: Find It On DepopI was asked to a part of a Depop advertisement campaign which was called: Find It On Depop. My role in this project was to start in the advertisement campaign for my dancing ability adorning a stylised Depop look. I was one story/look amongst a cast of other talents. The purpose of this campaign was to celebrate their fans, consumers and audience for their individuality and uniqueness that they bring to the brand. This advertisement was showcased across British television and social media platf
Work history
    Depop logo
    Depop logo
    Dancer/ TalentDepop
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Was given the oppourtunity to appear in an advertisement campaign for ‘Depop’. The jobs focus was on me dancing in depop styled clothes for the campaign celebrating individuality of Depop customers. This advertisement was commisioned for TV advertisments and social media advertisments.
    Creative AssistantCyber Jammies
     - United KingdomInternship
    At ‘Cyber Jammies’ I worked as an intern for a couple months. I chose to do this as I was studying Fashion Illustration at The London College of Fashion and wanted to get some hands on experience with a fashion outlet. I worked on catalogue photoshoots for them. Providing assistance to the models, photographer and Cyber Jammies team on set. I was part of the decision making process of garments, fabrics and patterns for the new collection as well. This all gave me more context and knowledge on how as a creative i can work with fashoion companies.
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  • Drawing
  • Concept art
  • Dance
  • Digital Arts
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Graphic Design
  • Team Collaboration
  • Sketching Ideation
  • Content Ideation
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    • Bachelor of Arts Second Class Honours (First Division) University of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    I graduated from The London College of Fashion (UAL) with a Bachelor of Arts Second Class Honours (2.1) in Fashion Illustration.