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A Kinshasa born, London raised writer, poet, and educator. JJ Bola published three books of poetry Elevate (2012) and Daughter of the Sun (2014). His third, WORD (2015) is his most comprehensive poetry collection. His debut novel, No Place to Call Home (OWN IT, 2017), is available in all mainstream and independent bookstores, in Hardback and e-Book, nationwide, and internationally. JJ Bola’s work is centred on a narrative of empowerment, humanisation, healing of trauma as well as discovery of self through art, literature and poetry. Creating the increasingly popular addage, 'hype your writers like you do you rappers', he believes that the true purpose of poetry (art) is to expose the reality of this world and how to, most importantly, survive it. JJ Bola reads regularly at shows and festivals across London/UK such as Tongue Fu, Vocals & Verses, Chill Pill, The Round House, Ventnor Fringe, Glastonbury etc as well as Universities; SOAS, UCL, Oxford, Lincoln, University of Birmingham, and a mini-tour of the US West Coast in 2015/16, LA, Da Poetry Lounge, UCLA, Standford University and Merrit College in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland, where he won the Oakland Poetry Slam.

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