Aida Baneres

Aida Baneres

producer, videographer, filmmaker, video editorUnited Kingdom
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Aida Baneres

Aida Baneres

producer, videographer, filmmaker, video editorUnited Kingdom
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  • AKQA
    AKQAAKQA is an ideas and innovation company. We collaborate with our clients to create the future.
    HYUNDAIWe created online video content to demonstrate key Hyundai models with humour and personality. THE CHALLENGE Increasingly, major car brands have started to use video content to showcase vehicle models on their websites. Hyundai wanted to deliver ‘educational’ product demo films in a way that would create affinity with the brand. THE SOLUTION We felt the opportunity for Hyundai was to do more than simple video brochures. If potential purchasers were at the point of researching specific models, then we wanted to make sure Hyundai was memorable and had something that gave it an edge. Our approach was to identify the most interesting product points about the key models and showcase them in an engaging and entertaining way. We developed two films from the point of view of a customer in which we are party to their dialogue with the car salesman as well as the honest and amusing thoughts in their heads. Within the often lengthy research process, car buyers will pore through very similar and traditionally dry product specs (either static or moving). By creating entertaining product films, we aim to ensure Hyundai remains on the short-list and to move car buyers closer to purchasing Hyundai. The films, which star well-known comic actor and actress, Darren Boyd and Anna Crilly, went live at the end of October. THE RESULT “With these videos we are offering consumers something more engaging and appealing than the traditional brochure or online specifications. Today’s consumers are looking for more – they want to be entertained, informed and educated". Andrew Cullis, Marketing Director, Hyundai UK.
  • Videography
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  • Abode Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects