Alex Esteve

Alex Esteve

Director, Editor and mojito lover.Madrid, Spain
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Alex Esteve

Alex Esteve

Director, Editor and mojito lover.Madrid, Spain
About me
I create crazy commercials and music videos for agencies, studios, and production companies. I've more than 8 years directing films bringing my own personal way of visual storytelling. My works have been recognized in such remote places as USA, Poland, Spain or México. I make visual pieces from pitch to The End. If you want to breathe life into your stories, just drop me a line.
  • Express yourself
    Express yourselfA commercial for a hotel brand in Ibiza. Dir. Alex Esteve Dop. Dmitriy Sukhorukov Prod. Elephant Pink
  • 2021 Directors' reel
    2021 Directors' reelThis is the 2021 reel of the Director Alex Esteve
  • Brillantes - Vega Almohalla (music video)
    Brillantes - Vega Almohalla (music video)Directed by Alex Esteve Produced by BORNEO DOP Islada Producer Ana Gámiz
  • En El Aire - Vega Almohalla (music video)
    En El Aire - Vega Almohalla (music video)A surreal journey to the deepest desert where real and unreal play with our mind.
  • UBER: Nice to meet you Malaga.
    UBER: Nice to meet you Malaga.This was the campaign shot for UBER for promoting new services of the brand in this southern city of Spain.​
    V0ID PRESENCEThis story is a visual poem about empty space when the body disappears. A constant struggle between what we are and what we should be.
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Work history
    Freelance Film DirectorBorneo
    WORK EXPERIENCE 'BERLIN STATION' Season 2 -serie Paramount TV Anonymous Content 2nd Assistant Director CIÉL SANS LUNE -music video Borneo Films Director PRISMAS -music video Borneo Films Director ROJO -music video Borneo Films Director 'MANIAC TALES' -feature film Kandale Films 2nd Assistant Director 'SIX AND A HALF' -feature film Kai Visualutions 2nd Assistant Director 'ANDERSEN AND THE JINN' -short film Rogier Van Beeck Calkoen 1st Assistant Director 'CAMADA' -short film Producciones Transatlánticas 1st Assistant Director
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  • Script Writer
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    AWARDS AND MENTIONS INSIDE THE VAN WITH THE BONGO CLUB -Short Documentary Los Angeles CineFest - Best Short Documentary Semi-Finalist XPONORTH 2017 - Best Short Documentary selection AMEN -short film International Film Fest of TOLUCA (México) Best Fiction Short Film nominee Hitch Festival - Best Short Film nominee Quest Europe Festival (Poland) - Best Short Film nominee Enter Space Canarias Festival - Best Short Film nominee X Cinemálaga - Best Short Film nominee FINAL -short film VI Nexosur Festival - Best Director nominee VI Nexosur Festival - Best Original Soundtrack nominee REC Festival - Award Best Video