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Ali Munro

Creative, 1/2 of Ali and JonahLondon, United Kingdom
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Ali Munro

Creative, 1/2 of Ali and JonahLondon, United Kingdom
About me
MA Creative Advertising student trying to break into the ad industry, in as violent a way I can. The other half of Ali and Jonah Aside from ad stuff, in my free time, I like to read back through emails I've sent and cry into my hands.
  • D&AD New Blood 2020 Burger King's The Rebel OrderYoung people are leading the fight against the climate emergency, and Burger King will aid them by giving them information that matters, introducing the Rebel Order. The world's first carbon visible delivery. The app will display two costs, one in pounds and one in kilograms of CO2. Customers will be able to see the impact their order has on the planet for the first time, and Burger King will set a precedent, revealing information that no other fast-food restaurant has dared to before.
  • D&AD New Blood 2020 Burger King's BK100BK100 How do you get young people to use the Burger King app for delivery? Give them deals that get better and better, introducing the BK100, the world's first fast-food menu modeled on the UK stock exchange. The more popular an item gets, the higher its price goes, the less popular an item gets, the lower it drops.
  • The GuardianThis paper is a protest. The younger generation doesn't identify with the Guardian in a meaningful way, and we want to change this. To get them on the Guardian's side, we'll prove to them that the paper cares about the environment as much as they do. When the next student climate protests take place, the Guardian will strike alongside them, in solidarity.
Projects credited in
  • Stance UnderwearStance wanted to launch their underwear line to men ages 18-35. We saw this as an opportunity to address one of the largest problems in that demographic.
  • D&AD New Blood 2020 Burger King's Alert the KingBurger King wanted to know how to get young people to order delivery through the BK app, and not through the other delivery apps. Well, with delivery, convenience is King. And sometimes you don't have the time to scroll through endless options and input all your information. Sometimes you just want to be able to say the words and have food appear on your doorstep...
  • Falmouth University, MA Creative AdvertisingOur one year MA in Creative Advertising is devised and taught by an award-winning team of tutors, with long and successful careers in the industry. The course is primarily about ideas; engaging, relevant, original creative concepts that work across all media. To reflect the collaborative nature of the industry, our students work with different partners and build a portfolio good enough to win awards and get them into the best agencies around. The course has long-established industry links and ou