Alice Thill

Communications Manager

  • LocationUnited Kingdom

About me


My job: problem-solving anticipator and thinker My weapons: spreadsheets, data analysis, irony My heroes: Julian Koenig, William Boyd, Lorne Michaels My aspiration: falling asleep knowing that I made a difference If I could do one thing right now: introduce commas and semi-colons into speech If I could do one thing tomorrow: spend less time online If I could do one thing next year: find a meaningful new hobby I like: lists, elaborate fantasies, schedules, tupperware Recent epiphany: tupperware is a spreadsheet for food



  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Marketing PR
  • Theatre
  • Live Events
  • Ticketing
  • Premiere Pro
  • Digital Advertising
  • Problem Solver
  • Social Media Community Management and Content Curation
  • Communication Presentation
  • Basic Html Skills
  • MS Office Pro