Amelia Al-Attar

Amelia Al-Attar

Graphic DesignerBournemouth, United Kingdom
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Amelia Al-Attar

Amelia Al-Attar

Graphic DesignerBournemouth, United Kingdom
About me
Im an Undergraduate Visual Communication student focussing mainly on Graphic Design, Illustration and some Animation.
  • Bloodtone
    BloodtoneA scientific swatch guide to the varying colours of blood, including; diluted blood, drying blood as well as blood effected by surfaces, chemicals and lighting. Marrying the world of forensics with the artistic world of design. The small swatch leaflet is portable and will be used on the go at crime scenes to compare with traces found. Identifying blood pools using the key guide. In theory the Book would be used by forensic scientists, crime scene investigator and students. Using the bo
  • The Regrowth of Fashion
    The Regrowth of FashionThis project animates a story of reusing and regrowth of the fashion industry, how in the near future well be able to biodegradable our clothing. The piece is voiced by Lily Cole for the RSA brief Moving Pictures about Fashioning a Circular future.
  • Why Can't I Sleep?
    Why Can't I Sleep?Over thinking is a project which explores the Whys of life, specifically, why cant I sleep at night? A lot of people have trouble sleeping due to over-thinking an anxiety and this project explores the thoughts and reasons surrounding that.
  • Presence and Absense
    Presence and AbsenseMy Final major project for my Art foundation diploma centered around the feeling of invisibility and being forgotten. The project looked at the centiment of a photo album and how it would look with someone missing. This project was very close to home and based on feelings I had growing up. Origins 2017 – Winners Special commendation – Level 3 Art & Design – Amelia Al-Attar, Abingdon & Witney College "Abingdon and Witney student Amelia Al-Attar was awarded a special commendation prize for her wo
  • BBC University of life
    BBC University of lifeAs apart of the BBC family including Bitesize, iplayer, News and Arts a new category will be added to the site aimed at the 16-24 year olds; BBC University of life A compilation of information which the demographic wish they were taught at school or need to know going into adulthood. This will include skills such as interviews, moving away from home and taxes.
  • Idenity
    IdenityThese are some mock up displaying my business cards using the identity and logo I created for Myself. I looked at using my initials as they are both A and pink is a big part of my life, a lot of what i own is this colour so I feel it accurately represents me as a deisgner.
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Projects credited in
  • Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual Communication
    Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual CommunicationVisual Communication’s vision explores and examines the importance of visual communication in relation to culture and society, whilst championing the significance of an interdisciplinary approach. The course is interested in interdisciplinary processes of developing ideas and communicating through visual language. Visual communication is a continuum and seamless spectrum of creative activity, from conceptual practice to mainstream design. Visual Communication produces graduates who are able t
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Animation
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    Arts University Bournemouth logo
    Visual CommunicationArts University Bournemouth
    Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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    Special commendationUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    Abingdon and Witney student Amelia Al-Attar was awarded a special commendation prize for her work, a set of two traditional family photo albums, at first sight identical but one where her own image had been digitally erased from every print. In addition to being a very technically sophisticated piece the judges were impressed with the alternative narratives that the work provoked in the viewer, posing questions about identity and relationships – Sarah Atkinson, Head of Academic Standards