Anastazja Jezierska

Anastazja Jezierska

Editorial AssociateOrpington, United Kingdom
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Anastazja Jezierska

Anastazja Jezierska

Editorial AssociateOrpington, United Kingdom
About me
Hello I believe that I am a suitable candidate for Editorial roles as I hope my skills, education and experience match your expectations. I am an English graduate and work full-time as an Editorial Associate within the legal publishing sector at Thomson Reuters. As a native Polish speaker and fluent in English, I am looking for new opportunities to showcase my excellent editorial and translating skills.  I am a hard-working, reliable and resolute individual with a warm personality who thrives when faced with new tasks and opportunities. I am proud of my analytical mind, enthusiasm, dynamism, discipline and determination, and thanks to my university course I have learnt that sensibility, initiative, an eye for detail and deep focus are key in problem-solving.  I have always been fascinated by the written word and working in publishing was my dream. I am an avid reader of academic journals and I have always been at awe when it comes to a high level of well-written text and the accuracy that comes with it. I believe that knowledge is power and being able to contribute to spreading that knowledge via the written word sounds like an opportunity if a lifetime. I love working with text and given my previous experience I have a keen eye for detail - my current colleagues call me hawk-eyed, so I hope that it brings something useful to the table. In my previous role I was an office manager so I would like to think that my organisational skills are impeccable. I believe in giving it all when it comes to high attention to detail, meeting deadlines, learning fast and maintaining the best relationship with the people I work with. I find the publishing industry fascinating and would love to be part of the process of overseeing it from the beginning to the very end. Being responsible for high quality texts would be extremely rewarding and I would be able to deliver the level of responsibility and experience that you are looking for. Being in charge of the editing and publishing process sounds like the most rewarding job. Given my experience to date as an editorial assistant in legal publishing, I am ready for any challenging assignments that shall be thrown my way as it would be an utmost pleasure to work in such an brilliant and demanding environment. I am very much a people person, but also am happy to work with the text on my own while keeping everything else under control. I work well under pressure as I am a goal-achiever and my personal pride pushes me as far as I possibly can go to make sure that I deliver and do my best to make everything work as smoothly as possible. I will not only bring with me professionalism, creativity and high standards, but most importantly passion and enthusiasm as this job appears as something that would make me a very happy person. I look forward to receiving some exciting and challenging proposals. Kind regards  Anastazja Jezierska  
Work history
    Editorial AssociateThomson Reuters
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    ● Create, code and publish content assets on the Practical Law website such as Practice notes, Standard documents and clauses, Q&As, Trackers and others. ● Proofread and modify new content resources whilst maintaining the highest level of accuracy and punctiliousness. ● Take charge of extensive long-term editorial projects and organise the workload accordingly. ● Train new starters and oversee their progress; create comprehensive guides to promote self-improvement and correct approach to various tasks. ● Carry out research and assist with writing and editing daily content such as Legal updates and Alerts as well as identify and collate information to be considered for inclusion in current awareness content and periodical emails. ● Supervise the assignment of tasks and support the team in the supervisor's absence. ● Contribute to creating digital document templates, find solutions to complex technical issues regarding the editorial tools. ● Help identify content in need of periodic review and ensure that the review process takes place. ● Gather business intelligence data reports and other spreadsheets. ● Maintain online lists of resources such as trackers, new content lists, provisional publishing schedules and resource centres for all Practice Areas. ● With supervision from the editors, respond to queries from customers and provide support to ensure that questions are answered and published appropriately. ● Assist with organisation of customer training, networking and other public events. ● Assist with the management of internal process and general administrative duties and help to identify opportunities for processes to be carried out more efficiently.
    Legal Administrator / Office ManagerEqual Justice Solicitors
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    ● Develop court cases by providing legal research for fee-earners and cataloguing information provided. ● Draft and proofread various court documents. ● Develop, implement and improve office policies and procedures, and ensure that fee-earners' compliance with them is managed efficiently and effectively. ● Implement new technologies (e.g. supervise transitioning from old Office software to Office 365). ● Conduct an extensive research project in order to establish whether any Employment Tribunal fees are recoverable by the firm, followed by supervising the funds' retrieval process until its successful completion (duration – 7 months). ● Carry out checks for conflicts of interest through scrupulous research. ● Assist fee-earners in preparation for trials, judicial mediations and other hearings by organising legal documents - preparing bundles, lists of documents, witness statements and others (compiling, redacting, indexing, paginating, labelling, copying, couriering, submitting). ● Assist with interviewing clients in order to draft court statements. ● Collate enclosures for correspondence/instructions to counsel and other parties. ● Ensure that the correct paperwork is filed with the court within a specific time period. ● Process file closures and ensure files are labelled and archived correctly. ● Maintain regular communication with clients in a non-advising capacity and set high standards of customer experience and service by dealing with enquiries and scheduling appointments promptly and professionally. ● Liaise with counsel clerks - obtain quotes, negotiate costs and deadlines, organise couriers. ● Communicate daily with Tribunal officials and opposing solicitors/counsel to case manage litigation matters. ● Process bills - prepare and review time narratives and breakdowns, liaise with fee-earners, facilitate the dispatch of bills to clients/insurers/external parties; negotiate figures with insurers, deal with payment and claim queries, ensure payments are made on time. ● Process expenses, respond to requests for payment and follow up on their progress. ● Deal with administration of legal team meetings – prepare agendas, take minutes and track actions to ensure progress and completion by the team. ● Coordinate legal events and training - prepare slides, book venues, organise internal communications and marketing. ● Schedule fee-earners' calendar with respect to court dates, client appointments and other events; assist with organising their caseloads. ● Obtain and redact clients' medical records. ● Organise travel and accommodation for staff.
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) King's College London
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA (Hons) English Language and Literature - 2:1