Anna Alferova




About me

In 2012 I've started doing photography as my only job. Five years before that, I was a passionate amateur. Since then I've tried different types of Photography, and I suppose, there's still a lot to discover in this field. But mostly I enjoy doing portraits, travel, architecture and food photography. I love working with fashion and music bands. And I strongly believe, that one should love what he\she does. If this ingridient's missing, there'll be no good art. In 2016 I've started a studio with a partner in Moscow. It's still working (quite successfully) but now I'm concentrated on contracts for it and big projects that I want to be involved with. We've got some major clients like one of the biggest banks in Russia or one of the national television channels, and some more companies who's names mean very little on the international market. For last year we've been working on 2 huge online stores, tons of buisness portraits, product shoots, food set ups, numerous test shoot for some local model agencies, some fashion and even one big architectural project. So now I live between Moscow and Stockholm (this is where my loved ones live). And I guess, it's time to grow bigger and get international, because I find Russian popular culture and therefore creative industry too conservative and 20 years behind what its opposed to - "the west". Or maybe I'm a bit too dramatic on that one.

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  • Photography
  • Retouch
  • Food Photography
  • Portrait Photogrpaphy
  • Architecture Photography
  • Product Photgraphy
  • Family Photography
  • Fashion Photography

Work history


Freelance Photographer

Jul 2012
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Freelance
  • Commercial photography mostly.



Specialise in History

Moscow State University

Sep 2006 - Jun 2012
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Classical humanitarian edication, thesis on photography as a propaganda instrument, so I know the kitchen.