Antonia Tochka

Antonia Tochka

DesignerSofia, Bulgaria
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Antonia Tochka

Antonia Tochka

DesignerSofia, Bulgaria
About me
2005 - 2020, I have been developing my own label Antonia Tochka. My ideology is to change the function and the meaning of clothing at all. Tochka’s clothes include interior textiles, organic materials, models based on historical finds and rare specimens in Fashion History. The models are the only copies. I stand against mass production, thus having the opportunity to work in Experimental Direction and make Contemporary Fashion. Tochka dresses personalities from the world of Show Business, Cinema and Theater. Most of my customers have complete boudoirs of unique models. Some of them are collected as Art Works. Tochka is a participant in a number of Conceptual Art and Experimental Fashion Exhibitions.
  • Advertising participations
    Advertising participationsThis video contains projects and concepts during my 7-year adventure journey in advertising
  • FLAG OF PEACE - collection 2017, short movie
    FLAG OF PEACE - collection 2017, short movie This collection is dedicated to the work of one of the most emblematic and innovative figures in the Bulgarian state policy during the time of Communism. Lyudmila Zhivkova creates the wonderful monuments in the Bulgarian state dedicated to culture, peace and spirituality. The photo session features a wonderful young producer, who, apart from being handsome, is also talented: Slavnica Katsarska. The photo shoot was shot at the National Palace of Culture and the
  • 4DIMENSION - collection 2011
    4DIMENSION - collection 2011This video contains archive footage from my label "tochka" in 2011. At that time, humanity barely entered the fourth dimension without knowing yet. People massively lived in the second dimension, the third was familiar to a few of them. The "tochka" collection wore the name and message of a dimension unknown to the public. You are viewing footage from the collection 4D. With the special participation of Anna Narcis Shopova, Gabriela Koleva - Ga Co and Lubri.
  • BODY RECYCLE - collection 2012, short movie
    BODY RECYCLE - collection 2012, short movie
  • Tell me to recycle - collection 2017, short movie
    Tell me to recycle - collection 2017, short movie This collection of nearly 50 different silhouettes was developed in 2017. The patterns provide commentary on morally outdated clothes on major world labels. Тransformed and reminisced to unrecognizable, they represent a time of bohemian life and primordial emancipation characteristic of the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. The models are suited to your intention to wear this age and at the same time to shout about innovation. The materials a
  • ANIMAL FREE 2 - collection 2010
    ANIMAL FREE 2 - collection 2010This video contains footage from a collection "Animal free 2" of 2010. At that time, I was excited about the depth of human hypocrisy, expressed above all in the attitude towards the animals. The idea of ​​free animals that scream or look at the most used garment by human: T-shirt. On it I drew the animals that were worn by humanity as a trophy. With the special support of Anna Narcis Shopovа.
Work history
    FounderFabio Healing Fabric
    Sofia, BulgariaPart Time
    I developed a fabric that performs therapy on human skin. It is completely organic, it grows in determined conditions and takes the form of human anatomy.
    TeacherTechnical School of Clothing Princess Maria Louisa
    Sofia, BulgariaFreelance
    I had the incredible opportunity to be a teacher of students in grades 8 -12 at the Technical School of Clothing Princess Maria Louisa in Sofia. I taught Fashion Theory, Prototype Technology, Graphics, and Textile Design. With the students, we organized a protest - reaction to the dirty air in Sofia. Our Visual Expression was presented with masks on the students’ faces. They stopped the cars, standing on footpaths.
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  • Art Direction
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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Graphic Design
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  • Fashion Design
  • Advertising Retouching
    Multimedia DesignUniversidad de Bellas Artes de Bilbao UPV/EHU
     - Bilbao, Spain
    Multimedia, Photography, Video, Sound
    Fashion DesignNational Academy of Art- Sofia
     - Sofia, Bulgaria
    In a country where fashion is generally lacking, I was in the first Fashion Design experimental classes. I had the chance to develop my abilities in a system with free rules, wonderful teachers, and a number of sponsors. My training in fashion design was really fun, which taught me a lot. Above all: We create our own rules, We build our capabilities by ourselves. Our talent is just the beginning of the tremendous work that we will make for each collection that is ahead of us.
    2 Prize Winner Climate Lounchpad 2018, BulgariaCleantech
    2 Prize Winner in national competition with the start up project "Live Matter - Animal Free leather"