Anya Houghton

Graphic Design Intern

United Kingdom
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  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Event Organisation
  • Photo Editing
  • Digital Design
  • Adobe Create Suite
  • Photograghy
  • Typograhphy
  • Strategic Creative Vision
  • Data Visaulization
  • Innovation Design
  • Inforgraphic Design
  • User Expereince

Work history


Graphic Design Intern

Brocklebank Penn

Aug 2015 - Aug 2015
  • Click to edit position descriptionOver the summer I interned at a great advertising agency called Brocklebank Penn. During my time here I was part of the design team, working on various client projects including coming up with design ideas and making them come to life, to then get them ready to pitch to their client(s). It was usually a quick turnaround whilst working here so I had to work to a fast pace still baring in mind attention to detail.


Graphic Design Intern


Apr 2015 - Jan 2016
  • Originally my time as an intern at Truphone was meant to be for a month to gain some design knowledge in the workplace, experiencing the true feeling of working in the professional field of design. I work with the Marketing Team, as this is an area I am mostly interested in – mainly being the promotion of a particular brand. During my time here I showed great design skills; the ability to throw myself into tasks given and work at a fast rate, resulting in extending my time here to once a week during my term time, to fit around my university studies. Shortly after starting they also offered me the chance to come back during my summer break full time and paid, which I took on. I really enjoyed being a part of the Truphone team as I have had the chance to learn and experience new skills such as html and coding, as well as the opportunity to sit in and acquire an overall feeling of how marketing works generally. Skills I have learnt from this experience: • Email Newsletter design • Html and coding • Managing content • Using Brand Guidelines • Working with mainly InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop • Poster design • Communication Skills • Working to deadlines • Working in a team • Taking instruction from others • Working briefly with Salesforce • Time Keeping • Accepting responsibilities • Acting on my own decisions when working alone • Problem Solving • Self learning • Designing advertorial Spanish media • Creating brochures from scratch • Attending regional operation meetings • Guided new agency work for UK global markets • Working on info graphics • Updating multi-lingual brochures • Designing Logos



Graphic Design


Aug 2013 - Jun 2016