Arna Maria Kristjansdottir

Arna Maria Kristjansdottir

Creative Project managerLondon, United Kingdom
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Arna Maria Kristjansdottir

Arna Maria Kristjansdottir

Creative Project managerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a Creative Project Manager from Iceland. I’m currently Co Directing Laumulistasamsteypan, a residency program for artists and working on freelance projects in the creative industries. I’m both an illustrator and story teller and I’m working on a Feminist Sci Fi story and looking for people to get involved. I have a Body positive and Sex positive illustration brand that focuses on Compliments. I’m currently working on expanding it and happy to connect with any like minded creatives! I have been freelancing in the creative industries for a few years and some of my older projects can be seen on my website. I’m open to any kinds of creative roles as my skillset is quite versatile from project managing, prop making, interior designing, illustrating, performing and more.
  • Feminist Sci Fi web story based on real events
    Feminist Sci Fi web story based on real eventsThis is a work in progress and I'd love to get more people involved in making it: illustrators, animators and writers. I'd like to see the story evolve using different drawing styles I'm also open for voice actors or working with any other medium if you want to get involved. I'm a big Sci Fi fan and this is a personal project. I want to create a sci fi Story which is more inclusive than the normal Space sagas we are used to. I want to create more relatable characters and break up the stereoty
  • Compliment Each Other
    Compliment Each OtherThis is a Body and Sex Positive movement focusing on Compliments we receive. I illustrate digital paintings of people with their compliments. These illustrations are for anyone who would like a confidence boost and anyone who wants to celebrate their body and or sexuality. See more work on Instagram: @compliment.each.other I host body and sex positive workshops where I teaching people to take nude selfies and illustrating them together with a compliment.
Projects credited in
  • BODY TALK Print issue 1
    BODY TALK Print issue 1Body Talk zine is a global publication which is a collection of words and works by creatives around the world sharing their personal experiences and talking about mental health and body image. From using fashion photography to distort the perception of beauty to reading a comic strip for understanding anxiety, this zine uses off-beat methods of self expression to question society. Body Talk issue1 uses tactile experiences through various textures to shed light on the layers for an interactive e
  • Residency Laumulistasamsteypan
    Residency LaumulistasamsteypanLaumulistasamsteypan consists of a group of international artists, annually and temporarily entwined on a small island called Hrísey in Eyjafjörður. Laumulistasamsteypan is a residency, a cooking club, an oddity, a festival, an un-broadcasted reality TV show, a reunion, an expedition, a radio station and a transnational project meeting but first and foremost a summer camp for restless artists. Laumulistasamsteypan has exhibited it's work in The Living Art Museum (Reykjavík), Middlesex Presents
Work history
    Project ManagerPrivate Client
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Designed and Project Managed a study for a Private client.
    Co DirectorLaumulistasamsteypan
    Hrisey, IcelandPart Time
    Laumulistasamsteypan is an ongoing collaboration of artists from all over the world with an annual residency program in Iceland.
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  • Illustration
  • Project Leader
  • Interior Decoration
  • Interior Design
  • Prop Making
  • Prop Design
  • Artist Programming
  • Feminism
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Management
  • Creative Projects
  • Creative Assistance
  • Creative Consulting
  • Problem Solving
  • Performance Art
    BA Theatre ArtsNorthbrook College Sussex
     - Worthing, United Kingdom