Barry Tranter

Barry Tranter

Brand creative and strategyLondon, United Kingdom
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Barry Tranter

Barry Tranter

Brand creative and strategyLondon, United Kingdom
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Hi. I'm looking for brand creation, brand strategy, design, art direction, creative leadership roles. Direct, freelance and in-house. Please check out my work :)
  • Stay home, stay positive — Coronavirus campaign
    Stay home, stay positive — Coronavirus campaignHow could staying at home and staying safe be turned into a positive movement? It’s tough in lockdown and there’s little positive news out there at the moment. Everyone wants to show support for the NHS and key workers but it’s also important to support and celebrate all the people following lock-down advice. The rainbow symbol children have been painting and putting in windows to spread hope has become a positive symbol of the moment. Turning the rainbow upside down and creating a simple smil
  • Logos and symbols
    Logos and symbols
  • WWF-UK. Do it for your planet.
    WWF-UK. Do it for your planet.One of the world’s most iconic brands was struggling. The organisation had moved on from animal issues alone to tackling the planet’s wider issues, but the audience hadn’t caught up due weak communication internally and externally. We set the Panda free so she could move past the preconceptions to become the figure head of an active and confident movement leading the way for a new future for our planet. Do it for your planet.
  • Nova Food. A place for different tastes.
    Nova Food. A place for different tastes.Nova, a development that launched world-class office space and apartments was building a food based retail offer. Such a large and diverse retail area caused problems — how could it be positioned? We created a brand that embraced an incredibly diverse mix of food offers from high profile celebrity chefs to the latest donut trend. Creating one of London’s hottest food destinations where diners of all tastes would want to mix.
  • The Nova Building. Created for individuals.
    The Nova Building. Created for individuals.When a residential building is positioned at the top end of the market but doesn’t follow standard convention, what approach should the marketing take? Unexpected location, unexpected architecture and unexpected fit out could make it a hard sell. We turned the potential negatives on their head and positioned the Nova Building as a statement purchase. Created for individuals.
  • WWF. The Panda made me do it.
    WWF. The Panda made me do it.WWF were struggling to attract any new audiences through their traditional channels and it was difficult to get involved with anything they were doing as a potential supporter. We created a campaign that focused on people rather than animals, letting their audience quickly understand the issues and easily get involved, building a much needed relationship between the brand and its followers. What would you do for the Panda?
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  • Magic
    MagicWe partnered with Magic right from early product concept to develop an imagination packed brand narrative and an appropriately magical visual identity which would enable the brand to grab attention in a crowded market and attract both merchants and end users. The Magic checkout experience brings some serious sparkle to the most important part of the shopper’s online journey; exciting and delighting by surprising them with moments of joy at the point of checkout. With shareable animation and rew
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