Becky Quigley

Becky Quigley

Freelance Creative CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Becky Quigley

Becky Quigley

Freelance Creative CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
HELLO I’m a freelance creative copywriter. My experience is rooted in developing brands, crafting copy and coming up with big ideas. During my early days on Nissan’s digital account, I became the brand guardian putting my own stamp on their tone of voice for mobile audiences. In 2016, I was put forward for the Future Writers’ Lab where my work was selected to be performed at the DMA Writers’ Crawl. My skill for storytelling has led to me structuring the narrative of a short documentary film about the founder of Innocent Drinks. More recently, I’ve been freelancing lending my skills to visionary startups like CanDo Action who are pioneering locally-led humanitarian aid. I supported CanDo’s partners with creative direction and created the lion’s share of CanDo’s communications, to connect people around the world with the human stories of Syria. I love to collaborate and have had the pleasure of teaming up with some of London’s finest art directors, designers and motion creatives. Full folio available at Insta: @bquigleyful SOME OF MY KEY SKILLS Developing brands Concepting Storytelling Tone of voice Website copy Social media copy User journey copy I’VE BEEN A COPYWRITER FOR Macmillan Cancer Support // CanDo Action // Nissan // Dogs Trust // Travelers // AXA // Sky // Delta
  • A New Kind of Wireless
    A New Kind of WirelessThis simple three-verse script is the brainchild of my final assessment for the Future Writers’ Lab. During my last session at the lab, I had one and a half hours to pick a brand, research their products, and craft an ad. I was drawn towards Sonos and wrote this poem for the older generation. This piece was intended to be the backbone of a short brand film, involving an intimate piece to camera, delivered by a spoken word artist with urban flair. It was selected to be performed at the opening
  • Our Time to Move
    Our Time to MoveCanDo Action helped set up the world’s first crowdfunded hospital, Hope Hospital in Syria, after raising over £250,000 through the People’s Convoy. Inspired by this amazing show of public generosity, and the urgent need for a fresh new approach to humanitarian aid, CanDo went on to create a crowdfunding platform (similar to Kickstarter but for humanitarian causes). I was approached to define the message for the platform launch which would be translated visually by their designer. I worked direct
  • Keep Your Vibes Alive
    Keep Your Vibes AliveEvery time we go out to a live gig, or blast music through our headphones, our hearing gets a bit more damaged. Regular exposure to loud volume over time can lead to tinnitus – a distressing condition that causes you to hear a continuous ringing sound. I created to raise awareness about the condition, and offer advice on how to prevent it. ENTER THE SITE Taking into account mobile reading habits, you can quickly scan the facts, or click through to an article that makes a d
  • With Compliments
    With ComplimentsIt all started a couple of years back at Burning Man where I handed out printed compliments to revellers, to honour the festival’s gifting tradition. Fast forward to 2018 and shifts in global politics are bringing out the worst in humanity. So in a (hipster) attempt to help society see the good in others, I started complimenting people on social media.
  • Summer Lights
    Summer LightsMacmillan Cancer Support wanted to launch a new nationwide fundraiser. Research showed our audience love having friends and family round for a get-together, so we gave them the opportunity to throw a gathering for a good cause. Summer Lights called on hosts to shine together, with the people who light up their lives, to raise money. We drummed up support through recruitment mailings, and 25 times more people signed up than the event the previous year.
  • We Insure Your Optimism
    We Insure Your OptimismA BRILLIANT DAY FOR A SMALL BUSINESS We showed how Travelers supports small businesses by setting one customer up with a mentoring session with Richard.  You could watch the highlights and discover more optimism-rich content at the central hub.
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Work history
    Freelance Creative CopywriterBquigleyful Creative Ltd.
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Curious to try freelance life, I’ve been helping visionary startups and social enterprises grow and establish their brands. I worked with TED fellow and founder of CanDo Action Dr. Rola Hallam, to define a message for the launch of a new crowdfunding platform.
    Creative Communications LeadCanDo Action
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    I joined a team of nine people, working remotely across three different time zones, pioneering locally-led humanitarian aid through crowdfunding. My time was split between creating and planning creative communications for CanDo and supporting CanDo’s local humanitarian partners with creative direction (along with all the other responsibilities that come with working for a fast-paced startup). I could start the day crafting campaign copy, before brainstorming CanDo’s core ‘brand’ message with the founder. Then, I may be providing feedback to a local partner on how to improve the narrative of their campaign video, before presenting copy to the wider team later that afternoon.
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  • Concepts
  • Writing
  • Content Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Brand Tone
  • Social Media Marketing
  • CRM Campaigns
  • CRM Copy
  • Brand Storytelling
    Future Writers' Lab ScholarshipThe Direct Marketing Association
     - London, United Kingdom
    An opportunity to experiment with my craft through practical workshops. (A bit like a less intense Master Chef for copywriting.)
    Photoshop for Digital ImagesWest Herts College.
     - Watford, United Kingdom
    A ten-week, two-hour course learning photoshop.
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