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Head of Customer Care


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Work history


Watch Specialist


Jun 2012


Head of Customer Care

SJB Medical

Mar 2016 - Jul 2016
  • Invited into the company to create a customer support department to successful candidates (via Email, Call, SMS,Chat) for the leading recruiter for independent healthcare and medical jobs in the United Kingdom. We were also the recruiter support team and had to think outside the box to drive candidates coming back to the company. Using my cross industry experience of customer service I to spearhead the development of it; this included: Organisation and department creation - Excel Spreadsheet design for procedures, training packs (Including information packs, software use guides, Google Maps creation of site locations and common FAQs PDF roll out, candidate timeline/cheat sheets (Word) so customer support knew instantly how they could help) and making sure the department were motivated to finish tasks. Utilising networked folders for team structure. Internally Liaise with Recruiters / team leaders to determine how the team could grow into what they need. Data creation and analysis to gather what the customers wanted and what areas the company needed to look into; some of the jobs I self started were: Example of independent Project creation: Company struggled with interviewees attending interviewees so I operated a report/database based porject to improve interview attendance rate and the recruitment process: Example of data creation: Manually compiling spreadsheets of every interview day (average 4 int a day) of the quarter, challenged / following up on bad data to ensure information was accurate. Noting if candidate attended, passed, accepted/Reasons why. Example of data Analysis: Made attendance rate and noted colerlation of if they attended drawing connections between techniques of prepping, days of the week and outcomes. Implementation of customer satisfaction survey (Survey Monkey) and presentation (Powerpoint) for three months previous and three months post department. Used for benchmarks and understanding areas to improve from the candidate's point of view. Future proofed the department so when expenditure happened the training and quality of new staff members were of top quality whilst still evolving.