Bisila Noha

Bisila Noha

Ceramic Artist + Project ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Bisila Noha

Bisila Noha

Ceramic Artist + Project ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Some might see my career path as a rather erratic one. However, every little step on the way has contributed to the person I am now: a very enthusiastic self-starter, half a passionate potter with an independent ceramics brand; half a professional with vast experience in Project and Account management in the Advertising and Creative industries. At Lon-art Creative CIC - the arts and education organisation I run -, I found the space to explore and develop my production skills. From organising exhibitions, workshops and museum tours, to writing copy for our websites, newsletters and social media; as well as managing a team of 10 people and taking care of the business side of things. As a ceramicist, my work ranges from functional wares that be found in stores in London and Madrid, such as Heal's; to more artistic and conceptual work I exhibit at galleries and fairs, such as Thrown Contemporary or the London Art Fair. The 3+ years I worked for big Translation and Advertising corporations in London made me learn (and enjoy) to work in extremely stressful environments and under pressure without compromising results. As the manager of a pool of over 250 freelance writers and creative directors, I learnt to be assertive, but friendly and flexible at the same time, and to listen to and accommodate the needs of clients, suppliers and freelancers. A good mix of experiences and skills that make me a very competent, proactive and adaptable person. Always learning and exploring and therefore growing.
    LON-ART CREATIVE CICLon-art opens a window onto art, culture and languages through education workshops and community events. Our vision is to improve the accessibility of creativity, culture and learning for everybody through the arts. Our mission is to provide a platform for communities, artists and educators to collaborate, reflect and create.
  • Ceramics & Embroidery Workshop at TUMO STUDIOS
    Ceramics & Embroidery Workshop at TUMO STUDIOSArmenian needlework (and embroidery) is a very ancient craft that has pretty much lost all its popularity, like in other countries, such as Spain. Once used not only as pure needlework, but also applied to woodwork or stone, now one could say young people wouldn’t even touch it with a barge pole. A three-week course during which students looked inwards and outwards. We experimented with two ancient crafts: ceramics and embroidery. And by combining them, we gave full rein to our creativity, as
    LONDON ART FAIRRepresented by Thrown Contemporary, I exhibited at London Art Fair in January 2019.
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Projects credited in
  • Bisila Noha Ceramics
    Bisila Noha CeramicsShot for Aucoot Journal
  • Black Sheroes Month - Rachelle Romeo
    Black Sheroes Month - Rachelle RomeoExhibition project in collaboration with Lon-art as part of their Black Sheroes Month programme. Sheroes is a collaborative project that uses creative expression to give a voice to and turn our eyes towards silenced and overlooked heroines – sheroes – throughout herstory, and offer inspiring female role models for us all. Black Sheroes Month, Lon-art’s fourth social exhibition, gives continuity to Sheroes, now with a focus on heroines within the black community. One of the artists that exhibi
Work history
    11 Argall Ave, Walthamstow, London E10 7QE, UKFull Time
    I am interested in making objects that tell a story. Projects that push me to improve my skills and research, not only when it comes to clay and pottery, but also to culture, history, traditions and the way we look at ceramics and art in general. Moreover, my aim as a maker is to use my skills to make our world a better place. That is why I also run workshops with the arts and education organisation Lon-art, and Create - the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. I also teach regularly at Turning Earth and Crowns Works Pottery and lead one-off workshops both in the UK and abroad. So far I have run day and week-end workshops for Bureau Mad (Madrid), at Earlsmead Primary School (London) for Year-5 students, for the clothing brand Toast (Bath and Oxford); as well as a three-week ceramics and embroidery atelier at Tumo Studios (Yerevan, Armenia). PAST EXHIBITIONS: ≍ London Art Fair, represented by Thrown Contemporary January 2019 ≍ 'In Suspense' Exhibition at Thrown Contemporary The gallery's inaugral exhibition, exploring distinctive approaches to surface. March - April 2018 ≍ Turning Earth Ceramics Fair, part of Barbican Openfest March 2018 ≍ FAZ Feria de Arte de Zaragoza March 2018 ≍ Ceramic Plates, Bowl and Vases • Earth -土-​ Exhibition & Sale at Chalice Gallery March, May and July 2018
    Director of Operations + Events & Communications ManagerLON-ART CREATIVE CIC
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Lon-art is an organisation that aims at promoting arts, culture and languages through educational workshops and community events. As the Events Manager, I have to: - develop and supervise project plan from proposal right up to delivery. - set, communicate and maintain timelines and priorities on every project. - communicate, maintain and develop client relationships. - manage supplier relationships. - provide leadership, motivation, direction and support to your team - be responsible for all project budgets from start to finish. - organise facilities and manage all event’s details such as curation, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material, etc. - ensure excellent customer service and quality delivery. You can look at our latest events under the Projects Sections. As the Communications Manager, I have to: - prepare PR and communications plans and manage the team to ensure successful delivery of plan. - write press releases, copy for websites, newsletters, print and digital assets, events descriptions and social media. - liaise with media partners, magazines, broadcasting companies, listing pages, etc. And the Director of Operations, I am in charge of: - our finances - our marketing strategy - our general PR and Communications - Team Management - all the logistics behind our events and workshops - and I also lead our ceramics workshops!
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