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Bola Sol

Founder | Refined CurrencyLondon, United Kingdom
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Bola Sol

Founder | Refined CurrencyLondon, United Kingdom
  • BBC 1xtra x The Money Show
    I was on BBC 1xtra talking about reducing debt, increasing credit scores, financing cars and much more. You can listen back here:
  • The Bola Sol Show: Season 1
    The Bola Sol Show has been created to give everyone a chance to have their opinion whilst maintaining respect for each other regardless of opposing views. The target audience is for 'The Forgotten People', which represents people that feel that their story isn’t valid enough to be heard and they are not visible enough to be seen. Season 1 centred around stereotypes such as Daddy Issues, how men are viewed in today’s culture and The Angry Black Woman. One story at a time, The Bola Sol Show aim
  • Refined Currency
    I've gotten more women to speak about money matters and be confident in their ability to clear debt, save and even invest. Refined Currency was built so women wouldn't marry for financial stability but learn to stabilise themselves. With a small team, I built Refined Currency and I've been invited to talk about it on several occasions.
  • #OneDayIWill - International Women's Day 2016
    I was part of the #OneDayIWill campaign put together by Google where women had to say what they will do one day. Out of 337 people I was one of 58 chosen! I decided to say "One Day I will make women more financially confident." Through creating we are still working on doing that today. 
  • #IntelBeauty
    #IntelBeauty was a movement I started early in 2015 which celebrated intelligent and beautiful women who were currently revising for their exams. I asked a group of women who had previously studied in university to give encouraging words to those who need the support. Examples:
  • Afro Caribbean Society | Heritage
    I ran and was elected to be the president of the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS) from 2012-2013 at the University of Essex. In that time we created a monumental event for Black History Month called Heritage. We celebrated our culture through dance, fashion, poetry and drama. And for the first time ever (or in a very long time), the event was sold out and packed to the brim with people from the local Essex community as well as university students.
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  • This Black History Month 2020, meet 100 rising stars inspiring change
    We still have a long way to go when it comes to conquering the lack of diversity in all industries – which is why it is so important for us, as a platform, to use our force for good. True diversity at every level is the key to innovation and success, so we celebrate and promote Black talent throughout the year, including via our list of brilliant Black leaders. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, so we’re always looking to unearth more incredible rising stars to feature and promote, to h
  • Championing Diversity: this Black History Month, meet 100 creatives inspiring change
    Claud Williams Claud is the founder of Dream Nation - a personal development brand empowering a community of practical dreamers. For Claud, Black History Month "represents a time to encourage people of all cultures and backgrounds to dive into a deep and rich global history.” He also shared that after looking back to pioneers of the American Civil Rights Movement, his own story took shape: “During a period of soul searching, I read the biography of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, which had a p
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