Buki Thompson

Software Engineer by day. Fine Artist by night.

London, United Kingdom
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Buki Thompson is a Software Engineer and Product Specialist by day and a Fine Artist by night. Her passion for tech led her to quit her job in sales, learn how to code and pursuing a role as a Developer. To inspire more people of colour, especially women to explore the tech industry, she founded a masterclass called #CodeXhiphop. The idea of the masterclass was all about demystifying the stereotype that coding is not meant for creatives and that technology can only be fuelled through innovative solutions. Due to this she has been featured on the BBC to share her journey and also has been invited on the Guardians podcast to talk about diversity in tech. When not getting lost in code, she spends her time creating art work to challenge societies notion on the woman’s body. Her work is about understanding what it is about the body that is so controversial, political and sexualised. She uses her pieces as a catalyst to spark conversations around the issue. Her work has been featured on Buzzfeed and she has been on a national tour. She also provides life drawing workshops with her most recent ones being at the Tate.


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