Camila Arias Barbagallo

Graphic designer



About me

I was born in a small town in Corrientes, Argentina. After graduating high-school I moved to a different city pursuing my passion, design. I'm currently attending the Architecture, Design and Urbanism University in Santa Fe. I hope to graduate within the next two years with a bachelor's degree in Graphic design and visual communication, meanwhile I work as a freelancer in the branch and illustration. My ultimate gold is to be able to mix my passion for design and my life as an activist. Studying communication has opened my mind to a number of ways in tackling contemporary issues, specially regarding feminism and the way women are portrayed in today's hegemonic mass media.

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  • Illustration
  • Adobe Software
  • Video Editiing
  • Photography
  • Illustrated Typography
  • Writing
  • Spanish Translator
  • Trilingual
  • Brazilian Portuguese



Licenciatura en Diseño de la Comunicación Visual

Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo

Feb 2013
  • Santa Fe Province, Argentina
  • Currently studying for my bachelor's degree in graphic design and visual communication.