Candice Groves

Copywriter and Content Marketing Specialist

London, United Kingdom
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About me

Copywriting portfolio: Marketing portfolio: I'm Candice, a content marketing lady, specialising in B2B and B2C digital and print marketing, copywriting, communications, and events. With great delight, I work harmoniously with businesses to achieve their goals and vision by crafting compelling content and conceptualising marketing projects to connect and interact with their audiences on an influential level. My love for storytelling stems from the desire to make people feel emotion and an authentic connection when reading - in both my career and personal work. And it doesn't end with my words; I am someone who enjoys teamwork and networking to build relationships with new and existing contacts. I am the 'Protagonist': "Working with Candice is a dream. Because of her talent and creativity, I'm simply able to tell her my vision and she brings it to life. This enables me to focus on other important jobs as Candice does not need to be micromanaged; she can write, design and implement new digital and print marketing strategies on her own. She is an all-rounder proving her skills in people management, design and editorial. She is absolutely fundamental in creating our in-house Venzin Magazine and in her time with us she has managed and edited six magazines - which our readership adore!" - Gina Venzin - Venzin Group "Candice is an absolute dream to work with. She listens to our ideas and turns them into stunning concepts and design work. She is an excellent communicator, always delivers our projects on time and is very affordable. If you want to stand out from your competitors, Candice is your answer!" - Michelle and Karissa - KM Makeup Studios "Candice is just brilliant to work with! She has helped me on numerous projects with graphic design and eDM creation for my businesses. Candice has an eye for detail and has always been prompt meeting deadlines. I’m looking forward to working together again soon." - Katie Stevens - Business Entrepreneur "Makepeace & Co decided during Covid19, that our company needs to enhance our online presence. We engaged the services of Candice and were really excited to see the results of her work. We were able to explain the style and image we were aiming for and she captured this without wasting time going back and forth. We needed a very quick turnaround and were happy with the timing. Makepeace & Co would recommend Candice to any business looking to step up their game online." Sherri Makepeace

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  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Copywriting
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Campaign
  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Event Marketing