Carl Wills

Carl Wills

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Carl Wills

Carl Wills

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
People love a story. So let me tell you mine. From the age of 5 I played ‘Guess the advert’ on TV. I collected bits from magazines for no other reason than I liked them, and I asked so many questions that to shut me up my family sellotaped me to a tree. Sadly I wish this wasn’t true. 10 years designing in Newcastle, Sydney and London and I still have the same passion I did as that kid taped to a tree. I am an articulate, creative designer with a passion for ideas. I’ve helped to both create brands and help deliver effective communications for a diverse range of clients across multiple industry sectors. I’ve worked on global brands, CSR, SME’s, the education sector, B2B, blue chips, above, below and through the line, internal comms, solicitors (don’t judge), B2C, healthcare, well you get the idea. I am experienced in print, digital and also environmental design, and the key for me is always the idea.
  • An identity which goes on, and on, and on...
    An identity which goes on, and on, and on...The Hackney Empire is a not for profit theatre in East London. As they are not for profit they are always looking for new ways to get people through the doors, to keep their doors open. They came up with a event called 'One more song' which basically lets event goes determine how long the show lasts through the donations they make. Read more here They needed an identity which demonstrated the key feature of the event but also fit with the Hackney Empire identity.
  • How do you tell individual stories under a brand umbrella?
    How do you tell individual stories under a brand umbrella?HCA Healthcare were looking to bring all there UK hospitals into a consistent brand. Up until now they all had their own unique and different identities. Once the identities had been structured it was time to look at the branding. While interviewing, what came out were brilliant individual stories of how each hospital and department had helped patients. I wanted to bring these to life to create individual brand stories.
  • How can you show university life, as it really is?
    How can you show university life, as it really is?Remember that feeling? You had it all (maybe you still do), you were young and the world was full of possibilities. I’m talking about your first week at university, starting a new adventure and a whole new experience. It’s a blank canvas and you have the brush. That’s the feeling I wanted to express when it came to Mears Group’s new venture into the student housing sector. In a world led by short 15-20 second Snapchats of daily life the brand had to be flexible, free and reflect student life in an honest and somewhat uncompromising fashion. Starting with the development of a positioning statement – ‘Having all the freedom of being an adult without the responsibility’, the final brand design clearly stands out from its competition. This is an honest ‘warts and all’ brand for students who understand that life is not a glossy brochure… it really is much more exciting than that.
  • How do you give an event more Pedigree?
    How do you give an event more Pedigree?Pedigree Pets is one the UK's largest wholesale pet suppliers. While at Atticus I was asked to create something to attract their attention and give us a foot in the door to talk about their brand or other aspects of their business we could potetnially help with. The video below was sent to them as an introduction.
  • How do you give a brand with no difference, difference?
    How do you give a brand with no difference, difference?Orient Express Travel Group (OETG) needed to change their brand identity to be more consitent and more in touch with their new target market. After making small tweak to the identity I set about finding a difference, to seperate OETG from their competitors.
  • Build branding which reflects a message
    Build branding which reflects a messageOS, or Orthopaedic Specialists is a group of consultants which believe in helping people get back to their best. No two patients are the same, so no two journeys getting back to full health are the same either. The marque adapts and changes to show these journeys.
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Work history
    Senior Graphic Designer
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Atticus are all about generating ideas for their clients. Coming up with new and more creative ideas that help the client stand out from the others in that field. My role is to identify the ‘Why’ of a company and then create ideas to visually show this.
    PURPLE logo
    PURPLE logo
    Senior Graphic DesignerPURPLE
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Working closely with the creative director to create a ideas for international clients in multiple sectors.
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    BA(Hons) 2.1 Graphic Design and Digital Media
     - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    My education at Northumbria is the basis and foundation to which I now approach any work. Always looking and searching for answers to questions and asking, 'why?' Most universities focus on design, at Northumbria they made us think and create. I always have written in the top of notebook while I'm sketching "what am I trying to achieve this this'. This is something that Northumbria taught me.