Caroline Murgue

Caroline Murgue

Creative & Critical ThinkerFrance
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Caroline Murgue

Caroline Murgue

Creative & Critical ThinkerFrance
About me
Hello! Here are bits of my portfolio. It's a limited overview of what you could discover about my professional path if you get in touch. Basically, I'm French KoreanAm with strong international experience with top scientists, computer programmers, and artists in Europe, Asia and USA.
  • Touch Symposium 2
    Touch Symposium 2I founded Touch Symposium, and organized the second edition. Hybrid conference hosted at 42 Paris Coding School/Street Art Museum, on Octobrrr 10, 2022. The theme of this edition was CARE. We mixed ethical hacking, philosophy, music, fashion, arts with amazing speakers.
  • Touch Symposium
    Touch SymposiumTouch Symposium Founder and Organizer. Computer Programming + Humanities + Music Why and how to hack current practices, tools and mindsets to shape a real ethical society in the AI era? Touch Symposium is an online conference to learn from extraordinary speakers recognized in the tech, philosophy and art scene. Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 Time: 1pm-8pm (London Time) Co-organizers: three female students at 42 computer programming school
  • MOSHI x Google Arts & Culture Lab
    MOSHI x Google Arts & Culture LabI designed and organized MOSHI workshops at Google Arts & Culture Lab. MOSHI is the method of education I designed to teach kids creative and critical thinking. 1- I invited children and their parents and my 42 computer programming school students . 2- I invited autistic teens I worked with for a project: philosophy, art, coding.
    LA COUTUREJournalist and Creative Filmmaker for a French eclectic fashion magazine
  • Guardian Witness
    Guardian WitnessGuardianWitness is the home of readers’ content on the Guardian. I chose to focus on Korea with pictures I took and Graffitis I made ! On 18 juil. 2014 the picture of the elderly man was featured in GuardianWitness weekly highlights
    RECORD COVERS MASHUPPersonal project because Music is my radar !
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  • Visual Arts
  • Art Direction
  • Children
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
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  • Philosophy
  • Medical Education
  • After Effects Advanced
  • Science Technology
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  • Creative Mind
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