Cat Spivey

Cat Spivey

Graphic Design GraduateSheffield, United Kingdom
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Cat Spivey

Cat Spivey

Graphic Design GraduateSheffield, United Kingdom
About me
I am a recent graphic design graduate from Sheffield Hallam University with a growing interest in typography, using design to communicate soulful narratives and investigate intriguing subject matters. A lover of fine art, history and research enthusiast - I always fully immerse myself in all the design challenges I face either as an individual or part of a collaborative.
  • Typography, Dance and Ritual
    Typography, Dance and RitualSoon to be printed written research inquiry exploring typographic and choreographic / dance practices and their shared endeavour to communicate. To be staple-bound as booklet built to music score measurements from the Neoclassical Ballet ‘Agon’. To read the full research publication follow the link:
  • Speculative Posters - Christo and Jeanne-Claude
    Speculative Posters - Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeUsing the upcoming artist exhibition of Christo and Jeanne-Claude to challenge the very idea of what a poster could be and what it means to interact with information it displays.
  • HP Sauce - A British Brand?
    HP Sauce - A British Brand?An international language based typographic system responding to the inherent British aesthetic the HP sauce brand maintains whilst being part of the larger international company Kraftheinz that has 22 international head offices across the globe. The traditional slogans such as 'The Nations Choice' respond to each of the 22 languages utilising a typographic body informed by each nation which is confirmed by the longitude and latitude codes down the left and right-hand sides respectively.
  • Therapy of the beaten kind
    Therapy of the beaten kindThis publication was a result of an intensive research project that required the response to the word ‘drum’. Through development the project started to look at beat and therapy, and how a drumbeat has a relationship to the human heart and rhythmical system of the body that can help provide relief for a variety of health ailments. The resulting publication is a specimen book of specific beat types for different medical needs using specific music score descriptions and embossed beats to envisio
  • Post Practice
    Post PracticeAs part of a collaborative with Chloe Tribe and Ashley Owen, this brief asked us to re-imagine the HPO building at Sheffield Institute of Arts to provide an experience parallel to life in a hotel. Following in the footsteps of ‘A Room for London’, we created a brand for an audience that was interested in retraining and learning practical creative skills, using the facilities of the art school giving back to the community of Sheffield which has a rich heritage of industry and craft.
  • What if you attempted to capture the essence of a person through a typeface?
    What if you attempted to capture the essence of a person through a typeface?This project was a response process towards the notion that typography can capture the essence of a person, their characteristics, values and beliefs. Through a series of discussions with other collaborators on the project, we asked ourselves what typeface we might be on this particular day.
Projects credited in
  • Typographic Billboard
    Typographic BillboardA short typographic collaborative brief with Graphic Design students at Sheffield Hallam University and 13 students in an advanced typography class with Professor Erik Brandt in Minneapolis College of Art & Design, in Minnesota, US. The students at MCAD produced the first billboard around topics/messages they feel are important to them. From this we had to respond by choosing our own important topics and collaboratively created a billboard of our typographic/symbolic outcomes.
  • Typographic Billboard - Collab
    Typographic Billboard - CollabA short and sweet typographic brief lead by Pam Bowman, where Sheffield Hallam's Graphic Design students worked together in collaboration with the students Minneapolis College of Art & Design lead by Professor Erik Brandt. I wanted to practice using my lettering skills for a commercial sense, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to, where I worked with a Sheffield Hardcore band called Grave. Billboard Picture Credit: Elisa Rustemi
  • Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignThis course teaches the principles of Graphic Design and experiments with materials, processes and technology to develop professional, practical skills in this continually expanding field. Students are encouraged to: Experiment with a variety of techniques and materials, both traditional and future-facing. Develop the confidence to deal with new technologies and propose innovative, creative solutions. Work with practicing designers who bring their experience and networks to the course. Develop
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Work history
    Design InternPara Creative
     - Huddersfield, United KingdomInternship
    University placement role. Working as a junior to design and develop new and existing brands in a whole range of mediums using print, digital and new technologies for a range of clients and different industries.
    Charlie Smith Design logo
    Charlie Smith Design logo
    Design InternCharlie Smith Design
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    Design internship at a studio specialising in brand and identity design for a wide range of clients. Work included concept design, web design, print and more.
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  • Typography
  • Creative Thinking
  • Concept Design
  • Publication Design
  • Critical Writing
  • Design Research
  • Graphic Design
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignSheffield Hallam University
     - Sheffield, United Kingdom
    Excellence in Work Based Learning AwardSheffield Hallam University
    Having completed a placement year at University, I worked at different design studios to develop my knowledge and explore my different interests in design. In doing so I was awarded an EWBL by Sheffield Institute of Arts in recognition of my learning and development during this year.