Chantelle Begley

Chantelle Begley

Strategy PartnerLondon, United Kingdom
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Chantelle Begley

Chantelle Begley

Strategy PartnerLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Durex – Ladies Let’s Lube!
    Durex – Ladies Let’s Lube!Dragons Group commissioned us to produce lifestyle photography for one of Reckitt Benckiser’s most popular brands Durex. Teaming up with Havas Worldwide, we crafted the key visuals used for their female-customer driven campaign “Ladies Let’s Lube!” A mix of lifestyle and still life photography, it was a very challenging but exciting day on set!
  • Portraits for Durex Event - Morning Brunch
    Portraits for Durex Event - Morning BrunchI worked with Durex on their morning brunch event in February, where they invited several sex positive change-makers to talk about sexual progression within society, the effects of porn, social media and technology on our sex lives and what needs to change in our sex education syllabus in schools. I was commissioned to create portraits of each of the guests including myself and the Durex team.
  • Durex: Ladies Let's Lube
    Durex: Ladies Let's LubeWe created the concept, digital and TV films, social assets and website hub. Read more in Campaign here. We all know the feeling… it’s the heat of the moment, you’re totally turned on, but it just feels a bit well, uncomfortable down there. And more often than not we put up with it, thinking it’s just part of sex – or worse – that there’s something wrong with us or our relationship. Well turns out, how wet we get changes with our cycles, so it’s perfectly normal to feel drier down there at cert
  • San Miguel 125th Anniversary Chalice Glass
    San Miguel 125th Anniversary Chalice GlassThe Marketing Store agency based in Central London commissioned a limited edition world map illustrated Chalice glass for San Miguel beer brand, to commemorate 125 years of the brand and draw attention to it’s rich and well-traveled past. The Chalice will be available for consumers in bars all around London. Consumers seen drinking from the Chalice will have the chance to win a selection of experience-based prizes. The launch of the Chalice will be supported with a digital media campaign with th
  • Optrex Warming Eye Mask - Cloud 9 Recordings
    Optrex Warming Eye Mask - Cloud 9 Recordings
  • Optrex - Hayfever Eyes
    Optrex - Hayfever EyesOptrex turns its sights on hay fever in seasonal Havas campaign -Spring campaign continues agency’s visually striking work on the RB eye care brand- ‘Hay fever season’ has officially begun – and if you’re a sufferer, chances are you’ll be well aware of that. To coincide with the beginning of Pollen Season – which typically runs from late March until late September – RB eye care brand Optrex has launched a striking new advertising campaign for its ActiMist 2 in 1 spray for itchy & watery eyes. Th
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