Charles Haynes

Managing Director

Northampton, United Kingdom
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About me

Ziggurat XYZ is about putting creators first. We’re a talent management company and digital production studio, investing in the future of online programming. We care about digital creativity wherever it may be, from YouTube to Vimeo, Snapchat to Facebook. Our partners are our family, and the content we support is about sharing and celebrating their passion - from the tips of their green fingers to the pointe’s of their ballet toes. From A to XYZ.

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  • Content Producer
  • Book Publishing
  • Shorts
  • Digital Video
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Development
  • Youtube
  • Digital Content
  • Creative Talent
  • Talent Acquisition

Work history


Managing Director

Ziggurat XYZ Ltd

Aug 2016
  • Northampton, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • Charles is the founder and managing director of Ziggurat XYZ. Ziggurat is a digital talent agency and production company, dedicated to putting creators first and investing in the next generation of online programming. Through Ziggurat, Charles also supports brands and companies in navigating the bleeding-edge of technology in advertising, content distribution and generation, and the use of 360° video, virtual and augmented reality. Previously Charles worked as a technology consultant and in publishing, becoming acquainted with the first forays into eBooks and digitisation - from widgets showing dental x-rays, to translating French textbooks into websites. ("Click the chien for the next chapter."​) And prior to that, he worked on comedy feature film 'A Cock and Bull Story'​ and the Silver Bear-award winning documentary 'Road to Guantanamo'​. A failed comedian and would-be filmmaker, Charles also gardens.