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Charles Loxley

CopywriterBishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
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Charles Loxley

CopywriterBishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
About me
I’m Charlie. I’m the multiple-trick mare, the pack-a-day teen turned nico-teetotal 20-something, and the all-nighter Copywriter. I’ve dedicated the last 3 years to becoming better than bad, so fingers crossed things go well for me ey? Worked with agencies like Karmarama, Revolt, Iris, BBC Creative, and Antidote to make some advertising things for Budweiser, Virgin Orbit,, Pentire, and SANE (to name a few).
  • 50 Thoughts
    Recently, I was told I overwrite. This is true. In an attempt to be as clear and universal as possible, I end up leading people through Takeshi's Castle. It's my greatest flaw and the thing that will probably land me in hot water down the line. So, in an attempt to prove that person wrong, I wrote them 50 thoughts in a day. 50 things that could be bigger things. 50 potential ads, or end lines, or organising ideas, or whatever, but above all they’re 50 reasons to hire me. If you find one y
  • Authority on Transparency - Creative Conscience 2020
    To buy Fast Fashion is to buy blind. ​ We all know that Fast Fashion is a dirty industry, but nobody knows to what extent - a fact that has always rubbed me up the wrong way. ​ Big brands go to big lengths to hide the truth, but what if we could put power in a lack of information to prompt the truth? ​ AOT is an initiative to help consumers make ethical purchases in and outside of the Fast Fashion sphere. AOT embraces 'dirty secrets', and in an industry-first, puts transparency at the forefront
  • SANE - 'Life's a Shit Show'
    When you read a brief, you don't expect to get angry at it... ​ Mental Illness campaigns, in my opinion, have to cut the shit. You have to constantly consider who you're talking to, and you certainly can't assume you're going to solve anything with your execution. ​ For various reasons, the brief didn't consider either of those points. So, I ignored it and presented my campaign to the client regardless. ​ The campaign shows Mental Illness for what it is, embraces life's diminuendos, and offers
  • A Wasted Opportunity
    Revolt London wanted to make a campaign to get young people to vote last year, but as with many agencies that try to crack Gen-Z, they had no idea how to talk to them. Cue me. ​ I highlighted that the young people who don't vote think it doesn't affect youth culture. To tell them it does, the matter has to be illustrated correctly and with an accompanying tone of voice they'll/we'll be responsive to. ​ AWO, or 'A Wasted Opportunity', has no political bias. Its purpose is to question young peopl
  • Pentire - 'No Compromise on Spirit'
    Pentire wanted to talk to people like The Worker Bee, The Recently Retired, and The Weekend Retreater, and introduce them to an alternative to unwinding with alcohol. ​ However, they lacked anything for these people to care about. So, Pentire needed a campaign that enabled personality, a campaign that speaks to the demographic where they'll listen, and a campaign that steps outside of what's ordinary; just like the product. ​ Here's my take on that.
  • Audible/D&AD New Blood - 'For The Things That Make You Fly'
    Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Audible were looking for a way to capture the attention of 'leisure upgraders' through Out of Home. ​ The current state of the world is hard to ignore, but I thought I'd think forward to a time when we'll be back working in offices and life has returned to relative normality. ​ Right now, we've all got more time to pursue things like hobbies, which is great. They're integral for our wellbeing, but maybe even more so for the 2 in 3 Brits studies have show to
Projects credited in
  • Falmouth University, BA(Hons) Creative Advertising
    Pitching, hustling, scribbling, sea swimming, protesting, researching, dog walking, arguing, crafting and having fun. Week in, week out. That's how, in 2018 and 2019, our students have won the most number of awards compared to any other ad school in the world. Our course has an uncompromising emphasis on learning by doing. And it works. Our grad network is the biggest and most successful in the world, and you will find Falmouth folk working in renowned ad agencies including Ogilvy, Wieden
Work history
    Chief Social Shredder / B2C TitanCARVE Cornwall
     - Falmouth, United KingdomPart Time
    Ran a lil’ start-up with some uni mates producing sustainable unisex jewellery out of skateboards. The goal was to gather a little bit of cash for ourselves whilst fundraising for SkatePal; an organisation based in Palestine that works to enhance the lives of local kids through Skateboarding. What I contributed: - Created CARVE's mobile and desktop experience, including Instagram and Ecwid. - Shot, edited, and wrote copy to produce content for our Instagram and our website. - Acted as a liaison between CARVE, its consumers, and its suppliers. - Defined the brand's fun, casual, home-brewed tone of voice, as well as it's visual identity. - Told dad jokes. - Bought and distributed snacks to the troops.
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    BA Creative AdvertisingFalmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    Graduated with countless memories, a failed relationship, and a High 2:1.