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Charli Doherty

Film DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Charli Doherty

Film DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
London-based freelance filmmaker/director with extensive international experience working on long and short-form productions in New York, LA, Paris and more. With a focused gaze on the human condition, my work combines emotionally-lead narratives with elegant, cinematic visuals. Currently directing a feature documentary, as well as, collaborating with global brands and agencies on various campaigns. Always keen to collaborate, so get in touch!
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Projects credited in
  • #the10monthsOver the last three years, we’ve worked with some incredible experts, and staged some memorable live events, but hands down the highlight of working at Mastered has been meeting inspiring creative professionals with mind-blowing stories.  When we were thinking of how to tell the story of Mastered on social, we realised we needed to turn the lens on to this community to give them a platform to share their wisdom, their challenges, their breakthroughs, and their voice.  Our community is what makes Mastered.  So over the course of the year, we’re going to be creating and sharing video stories of this community for you to learn from their experiences, setbacks, growth, collaboration and transformation. Follow their stories over on our instagram.
  • #the10months
  • Film Directing
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    BA(Hons) Digital Film ProductionRavensbourne University London
    London, United Kingdom
    1st class BA(hons)