Charlotte Iggulden



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Work history



Self Employed

Jan 2006
  • I have been working as a freelance artist since being awarded the Surrey Art Award 2005 for my research into the sociological impact of consumerisation and globalisation, and producing canvases based on this research. I produce commissioned artwork and prints, specialising in oil on canvas and tonal drawings. I have a deep appreciation of nature, people and landscapes, and every painting and drawing is a unique opportunity to express a moment of significance to either myself or the client. My seascapes and botany paintings were on display at the Darren Baker Gallery in Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia from August to September 2015. The gallery serves as a creative platform for both established and emerging young artists working across a wide range of media, exhibiting their work alongside resident hyperrealist artist Darren Baker. The gallery maintains a busy exhibition calendar, which includes shows developed in collaboration with charitable organisations such as The Prince’s Trust, Macmillan and Debra.I also had my work on display from November 2013 to May 2014 at Mada Deli, a contemporary restaurant in East Molesley, opposite Hampton Court Palace.


Marketing Executive

Procurement Leaders

Jan 2012 - Jun 2014
  • As Marketing Executive at Sigaria (Procurement Leaders, I would create (and assist in the creation of) targeted marketing campaigns for Procurement Leaders Awards and Forums, raising awareness of our events to new and current customers, nurturing existing relationships, as well as driving delegate sales through lead generation. I would research into procurement and related topics for use in content led marketing, then design and write copy for specific target audiences, through: email marketing campaigns, direct mail letters, website, social media ie. Twitter and LinkedIn. My role required me to tailor and proof all copy and content was relevant to different audiences, ie members, non members, seniority level, geographic location, I ocassionally would blog on the website as required. I would liase with external designers to create and update Forum brochures including full speaker profiles, topics, sponsorship details, and liaise with our in house designer to create printed sponsorship brochures. Designing/producing Forum agendas in Word. I also had the responsibility of managing and planning event marketing budgets, raising purchase orders, creating and editing pricing forms in Word, both online and printed, and updating the website. I would conduct in-depth marketing research and analysis, including the performance of Procurement Leaders events and of competitors. I would create event analysis spreadsheets in excel for delegate sales, field sales, sponsorship teams and general company use, broken down by past and current attendee industry, geographic location and job title. As part of a company and marketing audit, I was required to regularly keep track of marketing performance, using Eloqua and salesforce systems As the team was quite small, my role often encompassed other tasks aside from marketing. I was responsible for managing, populating and launching mobile networking apps for Forums, through the use of content management systems and liasing with app provider, GenieConnect. I would also be required to contribute to the logistics, organisation and delivery of our Forums, Masterclasses and Awards. My greatest achievement at the company was to increase revenue for our annual Procurement Leaders Global Awards event by 46% year on year. This was as a result of targeted direct mail letter invites, emails and phone calls to a 'wishlist of around 200 select companies, as researched by our editorial team. I enjoyed maintaining contact with entrants over the course of my time at the company and several became more involved with our events as speakers or as members.